Bonds should lay down bat, allow record to stand

To the sports editor:

It would be the classiest thing to see Barry Bonds lay down his bat and not overtake Hank Aaron’s home run record.

Possible? Not a chance. Too much of a dream for those of us who care about the integrity of the game.

I rather would dream this impossible outcome, though, than half-heartedly cheer Barry’s “greatest” moment.


Athletes need to learn crime is not just mistake

To the sports editor:

How pathetic to see sports personages, whether charged or convicted in an assortment of felonies, along with their apologists, referring to their “mistakes” in an effort to avoid the truth.

Hang on, a mistake is an incorrect answer on a test, the wrong turn in your car or buying shoes that are too tight.

The issue is felonious crime, such as violent assault, crooked officiating or unspeakable cruelty to dogs.

A mistake is a mistake. A crime is a crime.


Walsh regularly got best out of players with 49ers

To the sports editor:

Last week’s death of former 49ers coach Bill Walsh reminds me of how few San Francisco players are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Could it be the 49ers were too good with Walsh getting the best people in the right spots?

Walsh’s meticulous planning made me proud to be an NFL fan, not just a 49ers fan. His death sent me to my five Super Bowl tapes for a review.


Thanks for introduction to late UNLV forefather

To the sports editor:

Although I’m a relative newcomer to the Las Vegas area, I am planning to make UNLV football a part of my autumns. So it was sad to read of the death of the Rebels’ first coach, Bill Ireland.

While I never met “Coach I,” I felt I got to know more about how the program got started and how much impact he had on it through Royce Feour’s outstanding column (Friday) that eulogized him.

Thank you, Mr. Feour, for “introducing” a UNLV forefather to those of us who are new to the area, even if it was under the most unfortunate of circumstances.


Kruger’s heart surgery should be wake-up call

To the sports editor:

What scary news about UNLV basketball coach Lon Kruger having to undergo sextuple heart bypass surgery.

For a man to be as fit as he appears to be to need surgery like that should scare all of us who are overweight and don’t take care of ourselves.


Scully master of weaving insights into broadcasts

To the sports editor:

Bill Taaffe’s recent column on Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully was on par with Scully himself: eloquent.

I grew up a Yankees fan and listened to the great Mel Allen and the combo of Phil Rizzuto and Bill White.

But ever since moving here in 1995, I’ve been telling all of my friends about Scully — praising his many talents and pointing out only one great announcer is needed in the booth, not two or three stumbling over one another.

Scully never takes his viewers’ intelligence for granted. He provides insight while letting the game unfold.



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