‘God’ welcomes being involved in sports realm

To the sports editor:

The following is a letter submission to Kurt Streeter of the Los Angeles Times regarding his column “God to athletes: ‘Leave Me out of it,’ ” which was reprinted in Wednesday’s Review-Journal:

“Dear Kurt,

“You were duped into believing I would write the letter published Jan. 14, 2009.

“I welcome prayers about anything. You misunderstand; I am involved in all things. Nothing is too big or small for Me. Overwhelmed is not something that exists in My being.

“The silence of My people has created a stage for Satan to remove Me from view: the Pledge of Allegiance, the viewing of The Ten Commandments, removing ‘In God We Trust’ from your system of barter, right down to banning the Nativity scene on My birthday, which is the reason the holiday was created.

“I welcome those who command a stage providing millions of people to, without fear, display belief in Me for all to see. To hear athletes, that My people mistakenly have made gods, acknowledge they can do nothing without My help is something I welcome.

“I do not understand your willingness to publicly ask that I be removed, AGAIN. By the way, I gave you your talent for writing. I was hopeful you would use it for My good.

“Love, God”



What’s so wrong with postgame group prayer?

To the sports editor:

While I didn’t agree with most of what Kurt Streeter wrote in his column, what I really found distasteful was the Review-Journal’s choice of the (main) photo that accompanied what he wrote.

What is wrong with players gathering on a field after a game to say a prayer? Who does that offend? Aren’t most fans filing for the exits at that point, or TV viewers heading to the refrigerator get their next beer?

I pity your fate on Judgment Day.


Selfless athletes can help make world better place

To the sports editor:

If I had a parrot, I would find a good use for the cover of Wednesday’s Sports section: to line the bottom of the bird cage. Instead, I must write of my displeasure in reading the column by Kurt Streeter, a man of little faith.

His disparaging remarks about athletes who give public praise to God were almost as disturbing as the editorial decision to give it such prominent space in the Review-Journal.

Selfless athletes such as Kurt Warner and Tim Tebow believe their talent should be used to benefit others.

The world is a better place because of them. I cannot say the same for Mr. Streeter.


Religious promotion out of place in athletic arena

To the sports editor:

Congratulations to the Review-Journal for publishing the outstanding article “God to athletes: ‘Leave Me out of it,’ ” by Kurt Streeter.

People should be free to have their individual beliefs, but what license do they have to promote those beliefs to others, particularly when out of context?

This excerpt was appropriate to our world political situation: “All this shoving your version of Me down the throats of the unsuspecting? We’ve almost always got a few wars going because of this.”



The Review-Journal welcomes letters from its readers. Letters should be 150 words or less and must include the author’s name and phone number. Send letters to: Letters to the Sports Editor, Las Vegas Review-Journal, P.O. Box 70, Las Vegas, NV 89125-0070. Letters also can be e-mailed to: jhawk@reviewjournal.com.

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