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Rebels need to cut ties with ‘wimpish’ Sanford

To the sports editor:

Get rid of him! Need I say more than 11-36 in four seasons?

This was supposed to be UNLV football coach Mike Sanford’s savior season. All he had to do was beat a dismal 1-10 San Diego State team for a possible bowl bid. What happened? No motivation (in a 42-21 loss on Nov. 22).

Sanford is not the coach for UNLV. We need a fire-and-brimstone coach. Sanford is wimpish.

If a coach can’t get his team up to beat a bottom-of-the-barrel 1-10 team for a chance to go to a bowl game, then forget him. Or scrap the program entirely, and put the millions of dollars per year spent on the program into basketball, academics or feeding hungry students. Let’s get something for our money.


Sanford blames media? What absolute nonsense

To the sports editor:

I can finally go to my grave knowing that I’ve heard the excuse to end all excuses, from UNLV’s Mike Sanford after the Rebels football team lost at San Diego State:

It’s the media’s fault.

I had to read that twice to see if I had missed something. What absolute nonsense.

You will notice that I didn’t use the word “coach” in referring to Sanford, as this man doesn’t fit the term.

Money is tight at UNLV, but this guy has to go while something might be left of the football program to revive.


Sanford should follow Long’s lead, show class

To the sports editor:

Mike Sanford’s sideline behavior last Saturday against San Diego State was very childlike. He didn’t know when to accept a call that went against his team and concentrate on coaching.

What is Sanford teaching his young men? How not to have poise? How not to handle adversity?

San Diego State had a nightmare season with injuries and losses to Cal Poly and New Mexico as highlights. Yet, (since-fired Aztecs coach) Chuck Long always has shown character and stayed positive. He has lots of class.

It is time to fire Mike Sanford. Not all former offensive coordinators have the character and class to be leaders of a football team.


Sanford deserves credit for turning UNLV around

To the sports editor:

I’ve heard a lot of grousing about UNLV football coach Mike Sanford following the team’s loss at San Diego State, and not only do I find it unfair (since the team more than doubled its win total this season), but I find it interesting that people so quickly turned on him.

Generally, people were happy with what he had done with the team this season. But one loss turned them completely around. People should take a moment to note the giant step the program took this season and give Sanford credit for making it happen.


UNLV schedule makers offer no-win situation

To the sports editor:

Please, UNLV athletic director Mike Hamrick, your scheduling is in need of repair.

What a painful decision last weekend: Drive to San Diego to support the bowl-fumbling Rebels football team or boogie over to the Thomas & Mack Center to watch our mighty basketballers play another intramural-type opponent.

What’s a sport fan to do?


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