Cyclones fans apologize for outburst in Cincinnati

To the sports editor:

On behalf of the city of Cincinnati, I apologize for the people at U.S. Bank Arena who threw bottles and rubber balls at the Wranglers following Game 2 of the ECHL Kelly Cup Finals on May 25.

Most of us “regulars” who follow the Cyclones through good times and bad believe those responsible were drunk, fair-weather “fans” who usually don’t come to games.

We are disappointed this happened. This kind of behavior occurs in Dayton, Ohio, and Cleveland — but is not supposed to happen in Cincinnati.

Please forgive the misguided.



To the sports editor:

As a Cyclones fan and lifelong resident of Cincinnati, I am highly embarrassed by what transpired May 25 at U.S. Bank Arena.

I was there with my two young daughters and some of their friends, and I had to ask people around me to shut their mouths because of the vulgarity. But it was the objects being thrown at the Wranglers that bothered me deeply.

I understand why fans in Cincinnati are bitter and starving for a winner. But that is no excuse to turn ugly and treat the opposition in such a disrespectful way.

Not all of us in Cincinnati are poor hockey fans. Some of us get it.



R-J wrong to publish column about protester

To the sports editor:

Shame on the Review-Journal for running the column in Tuesday’s Sports section titled “Protester living her message” — a recounting of Toni Smith, the former Manahattanville (N.Y.) College basketball player who in 2003 turned her back on the American flag when the national anthem was played at games.

As a Vietnam War veteran, I was deeply offended that the R-J would choose to run such an anti-American, anti-military piece as that written by Shannon Owens of The Orlando Sentinel.

It was bad enough that the piece appeared on the day after Memorial Day, when we honored those individuals who fought and died for our country. But it was a cold slap in the face for those readers who have family members serving in the military in Iraq, Afghanistan or any of the other places in the world where they may find themselves in harm’s way.

You owe your readers an apology.


Kudos for calling MMA just what it is: inhuman

To the sports editor:

Cheers to Greg Cote of The Miami Herald and to the Review-Journal for the column Friday that perfectly described what many of us believe this new “sport” of mixed martial arts to be (“CBS legitimizes barbaric sport”).

It’s amazing to me that a supposedly intelligent, rational society would give any credibility to an activity so vile as to boast of (nearly) bare-fisted punching and bone-breaking holds. It’s inhuman, and those who watch it must be sick.

If CBS chooses to televise such a disgusting program, I’ll watch something on one of the other networks. And I’ll support their advertisers.


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