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F1 car changes for 2023

For the 2023 season, Formula 1 lowered the minimum weight for cars, made a safety change in response to a 2022 crash, and made some design changes to counter porpoising — an aerodynamic phenomenon that causes an F1 car to rapidly bounce from a sudden increase and decrease in downforce — which some teams encountered in last season.

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Minimum car weight

F1 car weight is always a dance as teams try to get as close as possible to the minimum weight limit. The change to the minimum weight limit this season dropping it 4.4 pounds to 1,759 pounds is one of the biggest requlatory changes in the sport's history.

Fuel temp

Fuel can be cooled to either 50°F (previously 70°F) or 20°F below the ambient temperature, whichever is lower.

Team working hours

The number of hours worked by F1 team members will be reduced by an hour.


Now changes are allowed during the season if parts or materials become unavailable.

How fast is a Formula One car?

F1 steering wheel

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