NASCAR champion pranks again in 2nd Pepsi MAX video

Jeff Gordon and Pepsi MAX did it again, but this time it was to get back at a blogger who didn’t believe last year’s test drive video was the real deal.

The race car driver again teamed up with Pepsi MAX for another video to prove Jalopnik auto blogger Travis Okulski wrong.

This time, Gordon went undercover as an ex-con taxi driver and picked up Okulski for what he thought was a simple taxi ride from his hotel, but turned into an absolutely terrifying situation and police chase.

In the video, Gordon starts off by showing how his appearance was changed to make him look like an ex-con complete with fake tattoos.

The video continues with the undercover Gordon picking Okulski up from his hotel, and as they drive away, Gordon makes conversation which leads to him telling Okulski that he did some time and the cop that is behind them is making him nervous.

“Hopefully he goes away,” Okulski says in the video.

And that’s when Okulski starts to get nervous.

The cop flips on his lights and Gordon pulls over the cab, but acts nervous and says, “No way is this happening! This cannot be happening!”

After a few seconds, Gordon puts the car back into drive and takes off screaming, “I can’t go back, man. I can’t go back.”

Like anyone would in this kind of terrifying situation, Okulski goes absolutely nuts, fearing for his life and what this supposed taxi driver is doing to him. At one point, Okulski even tries to stop Gordon by kicking in the glass that separates driver from passenger in a taxi.

After a couple of minutes of crazy driving, taking sharp turns, hitting things and driving through some kind of old warehouse yard, Gordon pulls into a garage where Pepsi MAX is waiting and Okulski realizes what is actually happening.

Gordon yells, “I’m Jeff Gordon!” and asks Okulski, “Was that for real?”

After the prank, Okulski took to the Internet again, writing a blog post on Jalopnik, to share how the NASCAR driver pranked him.

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