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Reactions to Las Vegas as host of Pro Bowl, NHL All-Star Game

Most of the coverage of Las Vegas becoming the first city to host the NHL All-Star Game and Pro Bowl on the same weekend was on the action (or lack of) rather than the city.

But there was some attention paid to Las Vegas more than doing its job as a prime-time host.

New York Post

“Considering how new the Golden Knights and the Raiders are to Vegas, hosting two major league events already is no small feat. The Raiders relocated to Vegas just two years ago, while the Golden Knights’ inaugural season was 2017-18.

“It may be in its early days, but Vegas is a pro sports town. The city provided the getaway that many players said they needed. It even left Golden Knights head coach Peter DeBoer ‘a little hungover.’

“… Player’s personalities were really able to come through in the relaxed Vegas environment. That alone was good for the game this weekend.

“Sunrise, Florida, the Panthers and the 2023 All-Star weekend have a tough act to follow.”


“Las Vegas was an ideal site for the NHL All-Star Game. It was a winner logistically, environmentally and, most of all, for the vibe.”

The Athletic

“The two new Vegas-themed events worked well enough, despite that sort of awkward ‘Do I have to do this?’ vibe that pretty much anything involving hockey players is destined to have. We’ll at least give the league credit for trying something new, and getting it to mostly work.

“… All in all, the weekend was a success and Las Vegas did a great job hosting, as we knew they would.”

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