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5 football players who settled for being famous actors

With the NFL Draft underway and the recent release of the film “Draft Day”, we thought we would look at five actors that played college football. They wanted to be superstars in the NFL, but had to settle for being famous actors instead.

Team names, mascot ideas for Vince Neil’s AFL team

Stoked about Vince Neil’s plans to bring an AFL franchise to Las Vegas. So here are some potential team names and mascots for Neil’s squad.

Ogden remains humbled by his football immortality

When he was giving his induction speech at the Pro Football Hall of Fame last August, Jonathan Ogden kept coming back to how special a life he has lived.

CBS to air Thursday night NFL games

The NFL has decided to shift eight of its Thursday night games to a broadcast network this fall, and announced Wednesday that CBS had won the bid to showcase more of television’s hottest property.

Mars calls Super Bowl halftime show an honor

Bruno Mars says he feels honored the NFL is letting him perform at the Super Bowl halftime show even though he’s still a budding artist.

Henderson jingle queen made Super Bowl splash

It was a little more than 35 years ago when Miss November — Miss Linda November, a Jewish kid from Brooklyn with a lilting soprano singing voice — walked into a drab sixth-floor office at the famous Mayfair Studios at 47th Street and 7th Avenue on a sweaty day in Manhattan.