Coach: Bart Black.
2006 records: Boys, 16-4; Girls, 6-12.
Top players: Boys, Marcus Romero (Sr.); Mike Feher (Jr.); Brett Wellman (Sr.); Darren Parke (Sr.); Girls, Alyssa Giorgi (So.); Emma Diaz (Jr.).
Outlook: The Wolves lost only two players from last year’s boys team and have plenty of match experience. The girls team, though young, is athletic and quickly improving.

Coach: Eric Speaker.
2006 records: Boys, 5-13; Girls, 2-16.
Top players: Boys, Evan Ceniceros (Sr.); Clint Donahoo (Sr.); Nick Stevens (Jr.); Girls, Shaelyn Taber (Sr.); Laurel Howard (Sr.); Melissa Kehoe (Sr.).
Outlook: The boys team is trying to replace its top two players, lost to graduation. The girls are senior-laden and should show improvement throughout the year.

Coaches: Boys, Luther Bohanon; Girls, Bob Clements.
2006 records: Boys, 21-2; Girls 21-1-1.
Top players:  Boys, Brian Kenyon (Sr.); Colton Pate (Jr.); Jordan Fenn (So.); Girls, Christine Uriante (Fr.); Gabriella Jannotta (Sr.); Bea Kamoen (Sr.).
Outlook: The girls are aiming for another strong year after finishing as the state runners-up last year, while the boys remain young.

Coach: Kelly Perryman.
2006 records: Boys, 6-12; Girls, 18-3.
Top players: Boys, Brian Madrid (Sr.); Girls, Katie Perryman (Jr.); Maria Spalla (Jr.); Alex Uglow (Jr.); Karly Hurst (Jr.).
Outlook: Both squads are rebuilding after losing quality players to graduation but expect to improve throughout the year.

Coaches: Boys, Mark Richards; Girls, Matt Iglitz.
2006 records: Boys, 12-8; Girls, 11-9.
Top players: Boys, Josh Benavidez (Sr.); Cody Fielder (Sr.); Brian Meitz (Sr.); Nick Gegen (Jr.); Dylan Jeffers (Sr.); Aaron Whittaker (Sr.); Girls, Elizabeth Allen (Sr.); Jacque Donahoe (Sr.); Mikayla Sidnour (Sr.).
Outlook: The boys team returns all 13 players from the first team to make the playoffs in school history and should improve. The girls have only three returnees but are picking up speed as many of the newcomers learn more about the game.

Coaches: Boys, Linda Long; Girls, Holly Basinger.
2006 records: Boys, 8-10; Girls, 15-5.
Top players: Boys, Eric Michael (Sr.); Nate Baldwin (Sr.); Sam Newman (Sr.); Girls, Jessica Hsu (Jr.); Sam Redy (Sr.); Daron Willer (So.).
Outlook: The boys have plenty of senior leadership on which to rely. The girls team is young but working hard in hopes of improving rapidly.

Coaches: Boys, Xavier Antheaume; Girls, Kih Gourrier.
2006 records: Boys, 7-11; Girls, 9-9.
Top players: Boys, Zachary Hanson (Sr.); Andrew Nieto (Sr.); Girls, Danae Ingwaldson (Fr.); Sara Lucas (So.)
Outlook: Coming off their best year in school history, the boys are asking sophomores to fill a void. The girls squad is hoping two newcomers can help the team qualify for the playoffs.

Coaches: Boys, Mark Parantala; Girls, Henry Borowik.
2006 records: Boys, 17-4; Girls, 4-14.
Top players: Boys, Devon Morissey (So.); Dillon McNamara (Jr.); Girls, Nicole Santero (So.); Kristen Santero (So.).
Outlook: The boys have added talent and expect to be more than just competitive, while the girls return the state runner-up doubles team in the Santero sisters and hope to be more balanced.

Coaches: Boys, John Pauli; Girls, Felicia Bates.
2006 records: Boys, 1-17; Girls, 3-15.
Top players: Boys, J.C. Pauli (So.); Girls, Marlai Sai (Jr.); Ashlye Frehse (So.).
Outlook: Individual improvement is being stressed.


Coaches: Boys, Don Nordstrom; Girls, Cheryl Dameron.
2006 records: Boys, 12-5; Girls, 10-7.
Top players: Boys, Stan Breland (Jr.); Patrick Norman (Sr.); Josh Jones (So.); Girls, Rebecca Breland (Fr.).
Outlook: Stan Breland is the defending state champion and leads a strong boys squad, while the girls are striving to improve throughout the year.

Coaches: Boys, Dean Grassie; Girls: Derwin Lawson.
2006 records: Boys, 5-11; Girls, 9-7.
Top players: Boys, Ed Ureta (Sr.); D.J. Grassie (Jr.); Girls, Kiara Miller (So.); Kelly Terry (So.); Sara Anderson (Jr.).
Outlook: Chapparal should be able to field a full boys team for the first time in several years. A young team is hoping to gain experience for the future. The girls are solid at the top of their lineup and should be a better team than last season.

Coaches: Boys, Barrett Henzel; Girls, Kyle Hindsman.
2006 records: Boys, 1-15; Girls, 0-16.
Top players: Boys, Jose Lopez (Sr.); Allen Paganelli (Jr.); Marion Jackson (Jr.); Girls, Anna Castillo (Sr.); Cassie Holthouser (Jr.).
Outlook: Both squads are building after not having enough players to field full teams last season.

Coach: Jesse Medellin.
2006 records: Boys, 8-9; Girls, 10-7.
Top players: Boys, Tyler Kemper (Sr.); Julio Diaz (Sr.); Eric Larsen (Fr.); Isiah Hernandez (Fr.); Girls, Rochelle Casino (Jr.); Christina Herrera (Jr.); Dyana Sanchez (Jr.); Maria Guanlao (So.); Bryanna Gabrillo (Jr.); Gabriella Kinney (Jr.).
Outlook: The Sundevils won’t field a full boys team with only seven players on the roster but will look for individual improvement. The girls hope to rely on six returnees to lead a young team.

Coaches: Boys, Norm Mendiola; Girls, Maureen Thompson.
2006 records: Boys, 9-8; Girls, 15-2.
Top players: Boys, Noel Pachecko (Sr.); Brian Davis (Sr.); Girls, Val Shively (Fr.); Alyssa Dagostino (Jr.); Cami Fish (Jr.); Danica Engstrom (So.); Erandi Garcia (So.).
Outlook: Graduation hurt the boys team, and it is in the process of building again, while the girls are young but primed to continue a streak of division titles.

Coaches: Boys, Sid Bounds; Girls, Donna Swanson.
2006 records: Boys, 16-1; Girls, 4-12.
Top players: Not available.
Outlook: With two new coaches, the Pirates are stressing fundamentals and team growth.

Coaches: Boys, K.D. Lord; Girls, Cheryl Perry.
2006 records: Boys, 5-11; Girls, 12-5.
Top players: Boys, None reported; Girls, Karina Calderon (Sr.); Abony Moore (So.); Kristin Neubauer (Jr.); Tierra Braddy (Sr.).
Outlook: New coaches are hoping to bring a spark to both teams.

Coaches: Boys, Matt Porter; Girls, Cathy Razon.
2006 records: Boys, 5-11; Girls, 5-11.
Top players: Boys, Joe Panuncialman (Jr.); Daniel Duan (Sr.); Travis Baratcant (Sr.); Girls, Patrice Mayo (So.); Nicole Russo (Fr.); Martina Tingley (Sr.); Georgina Delgado (Jr.); Morgan Ong (Sr.).
Outlook: The boys had high hopes for the season before losing a couple of top players, while the girls have a handful of new players on a 12-person roster and are showing potential.


Coaches: Boys, Craig Witcher; Girls, Gordon Hammond.
2006 records: Boys, 10-3; Girls, 17-0.
Top players: Boys, Andrew Raphaelson (Fr.); Kyle Del Rosario (Fr.); Kirill Mitchell (Sr.); Alec Thomas (Jr.); Girls, Anita Lee (So.); Sarah Toti (Fr.).
Outlook: The Gaels have the makings of a special season with a young but talented boys team. The girls also are led by plenty of youth but should be strong enough to be competitive.

Coaches: Boys, Erik Davis; Girls, Nicole Schultz.
2006 records: Boys, 15-1; Girls, 5-10.
Top players: Boys, Aashish Daulat (Jr.); Tommy Lettero (Jr.); Andrew Whiting (Jr.); Laurant Gontier (Jr.); Sean Lettero (Fr.); Dallin Hyer (Sr.); Jeremy Anderson (Sr.); Girls, Tiffany Cook (Jr.); Christina Smith (Jr.).
Outlook: The boys should occupy their usual spot among the state’s best teams, while the girls are showing improvement and appear to be steady.

Coaches: Boys, Clarence Chuu; Girls, Brian Rehfeldt.
2006 records: Boys, 6-10; Girls, 10-5.
Top players: Boys, Jason Wang (Sr.); Jason Gee (So.); Joshua Burns (So.); Richard Lee (So.); Bobby Ou (So.); Peter Park (So.); Daniel Won (So.); Girls, Iesha James (Sr.); Natasha James (Fr.); Monique Rohani (So.).
Outlook: The boys are young but getting solid leadership from a tight-knit senior class and could surprise opponents, while the girls team could do better than last year’s third-place showing in the division.

Coaches: Boys, Sandy Morgan; Girls, Pat Davis.
2006 records: Boys, 0-14; Girls, 5-9.
Top players: Boys, Scott McCreary (Sr.); Christian Pate (Fr.); Matt Leavitt (So.); Girls, Danielle Sellinger (Sr.); Claire Melo (Fr.); Josie Dean (Fr.).
Outlook: The boys team has only three players but is trying to rebuild the program, while the girls squad also works hard to improve.

Coach: Arlene Kam.
2006 records: Boys, 10-5; Girls, 13-3.
Top players: Boys, Austin Petit (Jr.); Zack Wardle (Jr.); Gerald Edar (Sr.); Girls, Danielle Ingwaldson (Sr.); Danica Ingwaldson (So.); Katy Daly (Sr.).
Outlook: The boys are aiming for states, while the girls are solid at the top and continuing to round into form.

Coaches: Boys, Enrico Litterini; Girls, Robert Bloom.
2006 records: Boys, 5-10; Girls, 5-9.
Top players: Boys, Nick Vivier (Sr.); Justin Tran (Sr.); Joe Miceli (Jr.); Alex Lamonte (Jr.); GianCarlo Touszard (So.). Girls, Claire Brantley (Jr.); Stephanie Guanlao (Sr.); Stephanie Ralli (Sr.); Leimmi Zhang (So.).
Outlook: A solid mix of veterans and newcomers has the Grizzlies eyeing a playoff berth. Four seniors have the girls team headed in the right direction and hoping to make the playoffs.

Coach: Will Ray.
2006 records: Boys, 3-11; Girls, 0-14.
Top players: Boys, Kyler Smith (So.); Jacob Hansen (So.); Brian Marshall (Jr.); Tyler Hansen (Sr.); Travis Brown (Sr.); Kyle Jennings (Fr.); Girls, Elizabeth Hernandez (Sr.); Amanda Ecret (Sr.); Jeanette Macial (Sr.); Rebecca Ruiz (Jr.).
Outlook: The boys are showing signs of potential, especially among the younger players. The girls continue to build for the future as more players continue to come out for the team.


Coach: George Arizmendez.
2006 records: Boys, 9-9; Girls, 10-9.
Top players: Boys, Neil Andersen (Fr.); Chad Butcher (Sr.); Girls, Taylor Bland (So.); Mara Weisser (So.).
Outlook: The Aggies are young but hoping to jell together quickly.

Coaches: Boys, Mike Livreri; Girls, Jeff Noa.
2006 records: Boys, 10-8; Girls, 12-7.
Top players: Boys, Adam Beck (Sr.); Garrett Presser (Sr.); Dustin Dresel (Sr.); Anthony Waddle (Sr.); Austin Howell (Jr.); Girls, Salina Brown (Sr.); Chloe Salle (Sr.); Ashly Ryan (Sr.); Cierra Ugale (Sr.); Taylor Engleart (Fr.); Daryn Frischknectht (Jr.); Hannah Barnum (Jr.); Danielle Tlecenik (Jr.).
Outlook: The boys should have a solid starting nine, while the girls expect to be competitive against much of the region.

Coaches: Boys, Mike Hunter; Girls, An Nguyen.
2006 records: Boys, 5-13; Girls, 5-13.
Top players: Boys, Jamie Clark (Sr.); Julian Chiasson (Sr.); Steve Crofford (Sr.); Girls, Wendy Chavez (Sr.).
Outlook: The Desert Shields remain optimistic on the boys side, despite losing their top singles player, while the girls hope to round into form quickly.

Coach: Pat Thomas.
2006 records: Boys, 14-6; Girls, 8-10.
Top players: Boys, Michael Bysouth (Jr.); Kris Kaplan (Jr.); Noel Sweeney (Sr.); Dustin Larson (Sr.); Ben Sweeney (Fr.); Alex Sambvani (Sr.); Girls, Kate Johnefee (Jr.); Brittany Healy (Jr.); Stephanie Kaplan (Fr.); Starlyn Thomas (So.); Kylie Martin (Sr.); Solena Mednicoff (Fr.).
Outlook: The boys have a solid top six and expect to be competitive, while the girls are young but athletic and should give each opponent a battle.

Coach: Jeff Hobbs.
2006 records: Boys, 0-18; Girls, 2-16.
Top players: Girls, Jen Espino (Jr.); Norian Williams (So.).
Outlook: Both teams should show improvement in their second season of competition. The girls welcome back their entire roster.

Coaches: Boys, Elias Khriesh; Girls, Don Russell.
2006 records: Boys, 9-10; Girls, 16-4.
Top players: Boys, Jimmy Lovett (Sr.); Jordan Kozmary (So.); Justin Gutzwa (Jr.); Josh Frieman (Sr.); Kenny Chen (Sr.); Jordan Lamothe (Jr.); Girls, Victoria Casper (Jr.); Diana Yee (Sr.).
Outlook: An experienced boys squad isn’t big in numbers but has the makings of a contender, while the girls will rely heavily on freshmen after graduating six top players from last year.

Coach: James Devine.
2006 records: Boys, 3-15; Girls, 1-17.
Top players: Boys, Chee Lim (Sr.); Girls, Kristen Bachman (So.); Nicole Santiwan (So.).
Outlook: The boys are hoping to fill out an entire roster, while the girls team is extremely young and building for the future.

Coach: Zach Brandt.
2006 records: Boys, 22-0; Girls, 19-1-1.
Top players: Boys, Spencer Aguiar (Sr.); Zach Wetterling (Sr.); Brandon Parker (Jr.); David Nichols (Jr.); Girls, Lauren Centrella (Sr.); Nikki Booth (Jr.); Shelby Zepeda (Jr.); Sarah Alamshaw (So.).
Outlook: The defending state champions are hoping to repeat on the boys side, while the girls team also has its sights set high.

Coaches: Boys, Kevin Barney; Girls, Dana Pettorossi.
2006 records: Boys, 17-3; Girls, 8-10.
Top players: Boys, Jeff Elmer (Jr.); Stephen McHargue (Sr.); Todd Corbett (Sr.); Jacob Trotter (Sr.); Girls, Jennifer Andrade (Jr.); Danielle Whittle (Sr.); Nisha Khilnani (Jr.); Isis Kim (Sr.); Natalie Hornbeck (Sr.).
Outlook: The boys are strong at the top of their lineup and hoping to develop depth throughout. The girls are aiming for a top-three finish in the division and should have one of the better sets of doubles teams in the valley.

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