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Raiders mailbag: Fans curious about drafting Michael Penix, other QBs

Raiders fans continue to have questions about the team’s plan at quarterback with the NFL draft less than a month away.

Here’s a sampling of what arrived in this week’s mailbag:

lawrence mercado (@lmerca5855): Should the Raiders stay at No. 13 in the NFL draft and take quarterback Michael Penix? Or should they select him later in the draft?

Vincent Bonsignore: This is where philosophy and level of need sometimes intercede.

And maybe some detective work is required.

Let’s say the Raiders are on the clock at pick 13 and, based on their draft board, their second-ranked cornerback and fourth-ranked quarterback — in this case Penix — are available.

Let’s say they’ve determined their need at quarterback is more pressing than at cornerback. The next question is, based on their evaluation, what is the gap between their fourth-ranked quarterback and second-ranked cornerback? If it’s relatively small, picking that quarterback at 13 makes sense. If it’s a significant difference, it’s too big of a reach.

There is also this to consider: What if the Raiders do not believe Penix will be there when they select at No. 44 in the second round? That might create a compelling enough case to draft Penix at No. 13, even if it strays from their philosophy of the best player available.

Conclusion: If the Raiders select Penix at No. 13, it will be because general manager Tom Telesco believes he represents the best value at that point.

Matt Berger (@matt_berger): It’s apparent Jayden Daniels is the Raiders’ first choice at quarterback. Who do you think is their second choice?

Bonsignore: Raiders coach Antonio Pierce had nice things to say about Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy this week at the owners meetings in Orlando, Florida. It’s always possible it could have been a smokescreen. Pierce also mentioned Oregon’s Bo Nix and Penix, and made it clear that he thinks this is a deep draft class at quarterback beyond Caleb Williams, Drake Maye and Daniels.

Raider Steve (@VegasRaidersBlg): If a trade to move up happens for the Raiders, is it more likely a pre-draft trade or one that happens during the draft?

Bonsignore: It would likely happen before the draft if it’s a trade into the top three. Beyond that, it will probably happen on draft night to let the selection process create some clarity.

Joe Beaumont (@JoeBogey27): Why won’t Telesco make the move up to take Daniels now?

Bonsignore: That question is probably better directed at the general managers of the Commanders and Patriots.

Cory Radford (@CrownAndCigar): Every year, one team takes offensive linemen with its first two picks. And it seems to immediately and long term improve that offense. Is there a chance the Raiders will go offensive tackle and guard with their first two picks?

Bonsignore: Not ruling anything out at this point. But with needs also at quarterback and cornerback, the sense is they will try to hit all three positions before doubling up on one of them.

Ed Helinski (@MrEd315): What are your thoughts on the new NFL rule changes? Of them, which one could have waited or never occurred this offseason?

Bonsignore: The kickoff rule is fascinating. Could have major ramifications. Probably could have waited on moving up the trade deadline.

Hollister Raider (@raiderrob1964SS): If the draft were today, who do you think the Raiders would take at No. 13?

Bonsignore: Alabama cornerback Terrion Arnold.

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