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Raiders Q&A: Getting to know Tre’von Moehrig

Updated October 7, 2023 - 10:19 am

Tre’von Moehrig is a unique fellow. The third-year safety of the Raiders has some interesting hobbies outside of football, beginning with his love of all things reptiles.

Turtles, snakes, lizards, a bearded dragon. Had it all as a kid.

But now the former Texas Christian standout roams the secondary, having made his first interception of the season — and the team’s first forced turnover — in a 24-17 loss to the Chargers last week.

He has career numbers of 152 tackles and two interceptions.

The Review-Journal sat down with Moehrig this week to learn a little more about him.

RJ: Where did your love of reptiles come from?

Moehrig: It was at a young age. I read a book in the third grade about a turtle. That was my first love for reptiles. I got a turtle, and from there I grew to like snakes. Really, it all started from that book.

RJ: What’s your favorite pet?

Moehrig: Probably my snakes. The tree boa that I had. I just recently got a dog, though — an American Bulldog — so I’ve been taking care of it.

RJ: Did you ever get the crocodile pond you wanted?

Moehrig: Not yet. Hopefully, it’s in the works.

RJ: Take us through your interception against the Chargers last week.

Moehrig: I was trying to read the eyes of (Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert), staying on top, going with the flow of the play. As soon as I saw him break from the pocket, I was mirroring him, and when he threw it, I was just there to grab it.

RJ: What about TCU interested you the most when it came to making your college choice?

Moehrig: Really just the small-town feel reminded me of home in (Spring Branch, Texas). But it was also big-time football in a big-time atmosphere. I just love what the coaches brought to the table, just really good mentors of how they coached football and how to be a man and handle your business.

RJ: What are some of your off-field interests besides reptiles?

Moehrig: I just started picking up golf. I’m not a golfer yet, but I like it. I like to go snowboarding. I was in a 3-gun (shooting) competition a few years back, going to the range … Grilling, cooking, just staying active. I picked up a lot of hobbies my first offseason. Just to not sit at home.

RJ: Have you ever been bitten by or been scared of one of your animals?

Moehrig: My turtle, the first one I got, bit me. First and last time. None of the other animals have. The turtle had a beak on it so — BOOM! — it got me, and it hung on. I had put my hand out, and it really got me. It was just hanging there, so I had to pull it off. It was not pretty. Never any of the snakes.

RJ: What have you learned most about the NFL in your time with the Raiders?

Moehrig: That it’s a business. You just have to be on top of your game every second — practice, games. How you carry yourself on and off the field. You have to work really hard but still have time to enjoy it. Enjoy the guys, enjoy the moment. Sometimes they don’t last long, or you might miss something.

RJ: It’s a long ways off, but have you thought about what you’d like to do post-NFL?

Moehrig: I’d like to stay in sports some way. Whether that be like sports broadcasting or coaching. It’s easy to say now, but anything in the sports world I’d like to be in.

RJ: Who has influenced you the most in football and out of it?

Moehrig: (Outside of it), my mom, just how hard she works, her dedication, always wanting the best for me. I really love that about her, and it pushes me every day. It’s one of the main reasons I got here. (Inside of football), it would have to be all the coaches I’ve had. A lot of mentors growing up. Especially with how I handle myself off the field.

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