Setbacks, insults keep piling up for poor Buffalo

Poor Buffalo.

Not only does the city have one of the country’s worst climates, but it also, along with much of the region, has been mired in a downward spiral of economic and social misery since the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway and, later, the downfall of the American steel industry.

Damn Seaway.

Then there’s the hapless football team that calls the area home. Many NFL fans forget that the last Bills playoff game was a loss to Tennessee in 2000. Yes, that game. The Music City Miracle. That is the last memory Bills fans have of playoff football, and that came on the heels of all the jokes about losing four straight Super Bowls.

The last thing that city needs is outsiders taking needless shots at it, but that is what Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano felt compelled to do this week.

An anonymous Sporting News poll of 103 NFL players named the prickly Schiano the coach for whom players least would like to play.

Schiano blew off the results.

“Sixty-one guys. That’s the only ones I care (about), the ones back in that locker room,” Schiano told the Tampa Bay Times. “Now if they voted? We’re going to ship them off to Buffalo or something.”

First of all, Greg, you coached in New Jersey for the past decade, so relax on that.

It is offensive to disparage the people and the great city of Buffalo with cheap shots like this.

That’s why Cleveland exists.

■ MONEY TO BURN – On the subject of Buffalo, no one was happier to see Mitt Romney lose the presidential election to Barack Obama than the Bills’ front office.

All of the deep-pocketed donors that flooded money into the Romney campaign and related political action committees got nothing back in return.

That made Mario Williams’ contract only the second-worst investment of 2012.

■ FOWL PLAY – Houston Texans running back Arian Foster had been a professed vegan, but he told reporters this week he had strayed a bit from that lifestyle.

“I just like to eat healthy, man,” he said, according to the Twitter feed of Nick Scurfield of “I just wanted a piece of chicken, so I ate one.”

And who could blame him? Chicken is delicious.

It is fair to assume, however, that Fox will avoid having Terry Bradshaw comment on any Texans’ highlights the rest of the year.

■ UP IN SMOKE – You knew this was coming.

Days after Colorado and Washington passed ballot initiatives essentially legalizing marijuana use in those states, the NFL Players’ Association reminded players not to start loading up their pipes just yet.

According to, a memo was sent to all agents and player representatives explaining that the drug still is illegal under federal law.

The action became necessary after an inordinate number of players demanded immediate trades to the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks.


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