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Hill: Teams’ social media posts become target during Pride Month

Social media is an unbelievably toxic place.

I know, that’s a stunning and earth-shattering statement. But every so often, there are reminders that drive this unfortunate reality home.

One of the greatest advancements in world history — one that has the potential to bring the entire planet together and deliver information with the push of a thumb — far too often just goes to show that there are some really bad people out there who are more than willing to show how awful they are, especially when granted the ability to remain anonymous behind a silly screen name and fake photo.

Saturday provided the latest example as social media departments all over the sports world were left scrambling to clean up some incredibly vile and disgusting comments on what should have been innocuous posts.

Time for Pride Month

It was all triggered by the first day of Pride Month, which led many sports leagues and organizations to put out social media posts acknowledging the occasion.

They were almost universally generic, with a graphic indicating that Pride Month had begun, alongside some variation of the words “Pride” written in rainbow colors.

Based on much of the pearl-clutching in the comment sections, one would have thought these leagues were posting graphic pornography.

It’s wild that these attitudes still exist in 2024, and if nothing else, they serve as a stark reminder of why a month acknowledging inclusion is still so necessary.

Look, there are people with religious objections to homosexuality, and their beliefs have to be respected. Others are just Neanderthals with antiquated thought processes, and they also have a right to that opinion.

But that has to work both ways. The social media posts aren’t forcing anything on anybody other than serving as a reminder that everyone is entitled to live their life and nobody should be alone or feel isolated. Far too many people have been ostracized and made to feel unwelcome and persecuted by outdated beliefs and judgments, which has led to some terrible, sad outcomes.

These posts aren’t forcing you to approve of or participate in anything. They aren’t even showing you anything that could potentially make you uncomfortable. They are just saying people have a right to live and be a part of society.

Oh, the horror.

Just keep scrolling

Fortunately, many of the truly horrific and threatening comments are being deleted almost as quickly as they are posted by the social media departments of the teams and leagues.

But why the need to spread hateful opinions in the first place? How about just scrolling past and moving on with your life, like you probably do with thousands of other posts each week?

The most ironic thing about it is how many expletive- and slur-riddled comments included some sort of reference to not wanting their children to be exposed to posts about Pride Month.

And what exactly are your thoughts on your kids reading those words that you decided to post online for the world to see? What do you think is more damaging to their development?

Nobody is demanding you participate in or view anything.

Let’s start with not wishing death on people who are different. Or comparing homosexuality to pedophilia, as a few particularly disgusting comments on the social media accounts of the Aces did Saturday.

Think about it this way: If those sorts of comments and beliefs didn’t exist, the month wouldn’t be necessary in the first place.

So you are the reason it is needed. Congratulations, and Happy Pride Month!

Waller song catchy

Social media was also filled this week with jokes about former Raiders tight end Darren Waller’s heavily auto-tuned breakup song that we are all assuming was about his former wife, Aces star Kelsey Plum.

Waller’s previous rap album wasn’t horrible by athlete standards, but his foray into auto-tuned country pop, or whatever that was, didn’t quite strike the same chords.

But can I confess something? After countless listens to try to come up with more jokes for the group chats, I think I may have come around on “Who Knew (Her Perspective).”

It might not be that bad? Maybe?

If you’re disagreeing right now, or agree with Chiefs star Chris Jones, who called it “terrible slime,” I challenge you to listen to it twice and not walk around all day singing, “Take your time and heal. Just take a timeout and feel.”

Go ahead and try. It’s impossible.

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