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Who are the Budweiser Clydesdales betting on in Super Bowl 58?

Updated February 8, 2024 - 6:38 pm

Red picked the 49ers and Robinson took the Chiefs. Neither offered comment.

“Horses,” said Steve Stallworth, general manager of South Point Arena, “don’t complain.”

But they sure can draw a crowd.

Especially these ones.

Yes, that was two beautiful Budweiser Clydesdales strolling through South Point on Thursday to place bets on Super Bowl 58.

How exactly were wagers made in the middle of a sportsbook?

Both horses appeared to believe their team was going to win by a nose.

The last time such an event took place at South Point was 2016, when a Clydesdale picked the Broncos — what a shock — to beat the Panthers. Turned out to be a winner.

This time, two of the gentle giants offered their sage opinions.

“We love this stuff,” Stallworth said. “We’ll do 46 weeks of events a year. We’re by far the busiest and premier equestrian facility in America. Every week is different.

“The Clydesdales are so iconic. I bet they’re with us 60-70 days a year. Our customers love them, our employees, Mr. Gaughan loves them.”

That would be South Point owner Michael Gaughan.

Want to see the most shocking of looks? Try directing a Clydesdale past a group of unsuspecting casino card players.

The horses’ favorite part of the day is, of course, breakfast. Then they get a little exercise. Then they have their white feathers and coats groomed and their braids put in. Then they’re really ready to get things going.

“When it’s showtime, they get excited when they know they’re about to do something big and their demeanor does change,” said Chris Wiegert of Grant’s Farm in St. Louis. “They’re in the crowd, placing their bets and it doesn’t phase them at all. We travel all over the country. We’re in communities and big parades with big crowds. They’re big stars.

“They represent the American spirit.”

The West Coast hitch includes 10 horses, two Dalmatians and seven handlers. A big part of their residency in Las Vegas is visiting different places to recreate the Super Bowl commercial “Old-School Delivery” for this year’s game.

“This means the world to us,” said South Point general manager Ryan Growney. “We have tens of thousands of horses that come through on an annual basis. But when these guys show up, the red carpet is literally rolled out.

“When people see these majestic animals, it just brightens everyone’s day. Having two of those animals walk through the middle of the casino — I don’t know how it gets any better than that.”

But which made the better wager, Red or Robinson?

“I’ll let you know on Sunday,” Growney said. “I don’t know which (side) we need yet.”

Just a guess, but the horses probably don’t care much.

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