To storm or not to storm?

It seems about once a year the debate heats up with strong opinions on both sides.

To storm or not to storm?

Both sides took their arguments to Twitter on Thursday night after North Carolina fans took to the court to celebrate a win over arch-rival Duke.

When is it acceptable, if ever, for a college team’s fan base to rush out on the court after a big home victory?

One side of the argument will say never. They would say it’s too dangerous and the tradition is a silly one that’s not worth the potential risks.

Former Kentucky star Rex Chapman is in that group, as he expressed in a series of tweets Thursday, written largely in Internet shorthand.

“Rushing court = outdated/bad tradition. Some1’s gonna get hurt -plyr, student, coach. Or, plyr’s gonna punch a student & then we’ll ban it. Mandatory shaking-of-hands after a game – also an outdated tradition. Emotions run hot. That’s why you don’t see it in the NBA. NCAA now says if a plyr goes into stands – automatic ejection. Yet, hundreds of students/fans may storm floor b4 opponents are off court. ?? As an opponent who’s just lost – last thing I want as a NCAA plyr is the student who’s been heckling me all nite in my face after the horn.”

Interesting points, but those that feel that way seem to be in the minority. Most fans and observers of college basketball seem to think when a team scores an extraorinary victory, court storming is acceptable.

But there should be some rules.

When a team wins a conference tournament championship game, especially if the team was not going to qualify for the NCAA tournament otherwise, it’s an automatic storm.

If an unranked team beats a top 10 opponent at home, that’s an acceptable time for storming.

There can also be exceptions made for winning on a shot from beyond half court that was attempted while the team was behind and for beating an arch-rival for the first time in at least five years.

That’s about it.

There are a few caveats. Court storming is absolutely unacceptable if a team was favored in the game (except for the scenario of a successful half-court shot attempted while team was behind). Fans are also limited to a maximum of two court storms per season.

There you go. A few simple rules. Do you have any to add or have a problem with any of these rules?

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