Underlying factor in Giants’ win: rally thong

Two pieces of memorabilia from the San Francisco Giants’ historic World Series-clinching victory over the Texas Rangers on Monday — Edgar Renteria’s hat and Tim Lincecum’s jersey — are headed to the Hall of Fame.

We’re sure that Hall curators desperately wanted to get their hands on a third key item of Series apparel — Aubrey Huff’s infamous rally thong — but didn’t have the nerve to ask for it.

Huff started wearing a “lucky” red, rhinestone-encrusted thong around San Francisco’s clubhouse on Aug. 30. The Giants went 30-14 thereafter, capturing their first Series title since 1954.

While the Fall Classic was huge for long-suffering Giants fans and Rangers backers witnessing Texas’ first Series appearance, the matchup underwhelmed the rest of the country.

It posted the second-worst rating for a Series game Saturday on Fox and was beaten Sunday for the first time by an NFL game.

The Series did rally Monday night to top the Houston-Indianapolis football game by 23 percent in the ratings, according to a Fox report.

But the overall ratings for the five-game series were the worst ever.

■ L.A. MAYOR BACKS SAN FRANCISCO — Seemingly oblivious to the battle that rages between the Dodgers and Giants, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa tried to rally folks from the City of Angels to root for San Francisco.

At a Democratic rally Monday, Villaraigosa urged about 100 supporters to back gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown, senate candidate Barbara Boxer and the Giants.

“We’re all for San Francisco and California, right?” the mayor asked.

Villaraigosa was lucky not to find himself surrounded by a bat-wielding mob.

“Had there been a few thousand bona fide local residents, Villaraigosa would have needed a catcher’s mitt. And mask. And chest protector. And bat. And souped up bullpen car,” SportsByBrooks.com wrote.

■ LITTLE ‘D’ — Condolences to Dallas sports fans. Two months ago, the Texas Rangers were dominant and the Dallas Cowboys were planning to play a home game in this season’s Super Bowl.

Well, the Rangers went 1-4 in the World Series, and the Cowboys are 1-6 in the NFL.

“I’m embarrassed,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said after his team’s 35-17 loss to Jacksonville on Sunday. “And to every fan, I should have and do take the ultimate, ultimate responsibility. I do. That’s the way we’re structured. That’s the way I run it.”

If he truly thinks fans have been cheated, he would refund season tickets and reduce ticket prices for the rest of the season.

■ BAD COSTUME — A Penn State fan dressed as a Michigan fan for Halloween was reportedly assaulted by four men during Saturday’s Wolverines-Nittany Lions game in State College, Pa.

Police told the Centre Daily Times in State College that the man was attacked because the assailants thought he was a Michigan fan.

The man was treated at a hospital and released, according to the paper.


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