Vikings’ Peterson might need patience

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was full of bravado during an interview with the NFL Network’s Marshall Faulk that aired Sunday morning.

Peterson, on if one guy can tackle him: “If they get lucky.” On what goes through his mind before the snap: “I’m thinking about touchdowns.” On his career: “I definitely want to have a couple of Super Bowl rings and be the best player that ever played the game.” On the Vikings’ playoff hopes: “I feel like we have what it takes to win it all.”

Said Faulk: “He’s a very confident young man.”

Perhaps too much so. On Sunday, Peterson and the Vikings lost a home playoff game to the Philadelphia Eagles 26-14, though the running back out of Oklahoma scored both Minnesota touchdowns.

• KID STUFF — Tired of watching his players miss layups a child could make, Texas Tech basketball coach Pat Knight invited a young boy from the stands to join the team in a huddle.

Knight asked the boy if he could make layups. The boy said that he could.

“I was just tired of having 18- or 21-year-olds miss layups that a 12-year-old could hit,” Knight said, “so I brought a 12-year-old in to let them know that he could hit layups. He’s 12, and he can hit layups, so why can’t you when you’re 18 to 21?”

• SPARE THE ROD, SPOIL THE SWIMMER — “Swimming hard can feel like being beaten by a stick,” said University of New Brunswick swimmer Natalie Doucette, sharing her favorite motivational tip with the Fredericton Daily Gleaner. “Would you rather get hit for 30 seconds or 29 seconds?”

• UNDER DURESS FROM BURRESS — The New York Jets, stinging from a late-season collapse, jettisoned coach Eric Mangini last week.

And just to prove they weren’t kidding, they brought in Plaxico Burress to do the firing.

• WHEN YES DOESN’T MEAN YES — Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby, explaining his second-ever NHL fight, with Florida’s Brett McLean during a 6-1 Penguins loss Saturday night:

“I asked him to go, and he said yes. And usually, yes means yes. I mean, I wouldn’t have wasted 20 minutes in the (penalty) box for that. I guess he didn’t take me serious. I don’t know, it wasn’t worth 20 minutes, though, that’s for sure.”

McLean said he did not hear Crosby ask him for a fight.

• HE’LL DRINK TO THAT — Chicago Cubs Hall of Famer Billy Williams, to The Associated Press, on the NHL’s Wrigley Field experience last week: “When they first mentioned it to me, it sounded like something somebody thought up after too many beers. But you know what? It was a damn-near perfect place to put down a hockey game.”

• A GOOD WALK — Maybe the world’s biggest bowling alley has been built in Aichi, Japan — a whopping 116 lanes.

As an added plus, think of the exercise you’ll get trying to locate the perfect house ball.


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