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Gail Mayhugh

Home decor columnist

Gail Mayhugh, owner of GMJ Interiors, is a professional interior designer and author of a book on the subject. Questions may be sent by email to GMJinteriors@gmail.com. Or, mail to 7380 S. Eastern Ave., No. 124-272, Las Vegas, NV 89123. Her web address is www.GMJinteriors.com.

The Latest
Don’t mix fabrics on similarly styled recliners

Dear Gail: My husband has always wanted a big overstuffed recliner, which is not my style at all. He’s retiring next month and has worked so hard for our family, I feel he deserves it. We went shopping and compromised on a large wingback style. I never thought I’d like a recliner, but after trying them all out, we’re getting one for me, too. We’re rearranging our room so that we can sit side by side across from the television.

Autumn colors can be re-created in Nevada desert

Dear Gail: I moved to Las Vegas in May from Vermont, and fall was my favorite season before the bitter color of our snow-filled winter — which is the reason I moved here. I was surrounded by the fantastic fall colors outside. I know fall is a bit different here, so I’d like to do some simple things to bring the outside I so enjoyed inside. What are your favorite things to do? — Gloria

What to expect during remodel project

Dear Gail: We’re thinking about doing some remodeling but are nervous as we’ve heard horror stories. It’s really not something we have to do but, of course, want to. Before we make the big leap can you tell us what we might expect? — Roger &Dotty

Accessorize your shelves with more than just books

Dear Gail: I just had bookcases built on each side of my fireplace where the builder had what I call “open holes.” In the past my bookcases always became junked up with just piles of books, as I have a lot. So how do I go about decorating them so they look nice? — Tony

Bringing in a pop of color doesn’t have to be huge commitment

Dear Gail: I’m loving some of the new trendy colors this year and would like to use them in my condo. Since they are trends, I don’t want to make a huge commitment, but would like to do something more than a few pillows. Can you share some ideas? — Ronnie

If you have pets, make sure yard meets their needs

Dear Gail: We’ve just moved from Chicago as we’re so over the cold weather, snowstorms and gearing up just to get to work. We know that the Las Vegas summers are hot, and although we’re not sure if we’re ready, at least we don’t have to shovel heat. We have two dogs and are in the process of designing our backyard. Do you have any Las Vegas weather puppy tips? — Vini

It’s time to bust those decorating myths

Dear Gail: I’m painting my house and a girlfriend said that all my ceilings, baseboards, doors and trim have to be all white. Is this a rule? Will I be making a decorating faux pas if I don’t do white? Thanks. — Millie

Know the lingo when you talk to your designer

Recently when working with a client, I realized I was bringing up terms she was not familiar with. Unfortunately, having been a designer for more than 25 years, I use some terms without thinking. So whether you’re working with an interior designer or shopping on your own, it wouldn’t hurt to know some of our “Designer EZ.”

Color of front door is reflection of homeowner

Dear Gail: I have a wood stained front door, which has taken a bit of a beating from the heat. I thought about having it refinished, but I’m really looking for a change. So I want to paint it a fun color. I have no idea where to start. Any advice would be appreciated. — Claire

Keep pets in mind when choosing paint

Dear Gail: We’re getting ready to repaint our house and recently rescued another pup, Emma. It seems she’s been a little harder on our walls than her sister, Annie. We wanted to get your advice on if there is anything we should look out for or consider when we paint this time. We were thinking of other wall treatments but not sure it would be the best decision. Thanks. — Roberta

Options available for reducing daylight

Dear Gail: I’ve recently changed jobs and am now working at night. I have soft sheer shades and absolutely love them, but obviously, they are not the best for daytime sleeping. I want to keep my shades, as I love looking into the backyard while still having privacy. I really don’t want heavy drapes, so I am looking for some other options. — Mara

Consider storage needs when remodeling kitchen

DEAR GAIL: I just bought a 15-year-old home, and it’s in dire need of a new kitchen. My main problems are storage and countertop space. The island/breakfast bar has the old-fashioned upper cabinets. I need more storage, but I know those uppers must go. I’d also like more countertop space as I have very little besides the island. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. — Colby

When shopping for chandelier, start online for style, price ideas

Dear Gail: We’re looking to replace our foyer chandelier. We still have the builder’s original. We’re wanting something with more of an impact, as this one has always felt too small. Can you give us some guidance on size and where to start? — Roger