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Jamie Munks

Former reporter: City of Las Vegas

Jamie Munks covered the city of Las Vegas for the Review-Journal from May 2016 to September 2018. She covered education, business and local government in newsrooms in upstate New York after graduating in 2009 from Syracuse University with journalism and political science degrees. More recently, she covered government in Springfield, Illinois, her home state’s capital city.

The Latest
Las Vegas City Council wants dedicated funding for homeless costs

The funding source hasn’t been determined, but the city’s Director of Community Services Kathi Thomas-Gibson said nationwide, the revenue streams dedicated to help local governments fund similar projects runs the gamut from a portion of business license fees to a sales tax increase or profits from a special ized license plate.

Las Vegas City Council votes to sue opioid makers

The legal battles against opioid manufacturers seek to recover dollars local governments have spent on law enforcement and social and medical services to respond to use of the addictive drugs.

Las Vegas homeless courtyard now open 24/7

The city of Las Vegas’ courtyard, which provides a range of services to the homeless, began allowing overnight stays last week as it transitions to 24/7 operations.

Summerlin residents making case to allow string lights

Summerlin has a policy that doesn’t allow for permanent string lights in residential areas, but the residents who love them say their exterior illumination is less Clark Griswold and more muted mood lighting.

Proposed open-space ordinance riles Las Vegas developer

Attorneys for the developer who owns the shuttered Badlands Golf Course are railing against a proposed Las Vegas city ordinance that adds requirements for redeveloping former golf courses and other open spaces and are threatening more legal action against the city.

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