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Bad home renovations that will hurt your home’s value

While it’s natural to want to make improvements to increase your home’s resale value, some renovations will actually cost you money in the long run

How to throw an incredible Halloween party for under $50

The price people pay to celebrate Halloween is getting scary. But not everyone wants to spend that much on decorations, costumes and food. Here are 10 ideas for throwing a killer Halloween party for under $50.

16 digital scams and the classic cons that inspired them

Fraud was rampant even before the internet. By knowing how scammers use modern technology to swipe money from victims — and the low-tech origins of those scams — you can keep your money safe.

20 signs your home is losing value

Don’t assume that the trend of rising home values ensures your home will increase in value. There are a variety of factors that could signal your home won’t be worth as much soon.

How to see the world without spending a bundle

Whether your dream vacation involves trekking through ancient ruins or sunbathing on foreign shores, odds are it doesn’t come cheap. However, there are ways to see the world without spending a bundle.

Are banks closed on Labor Day?

If you need to take care of any banking needs on Labor Day, check to see if your branch of choice will be open, as most banks will be closed.

17 things more likely to happen to you than winning the lottery

It’s true: You’re far more likely to be struck by lightning in your lifetime than win the lottery. But let’s take lightning strikes off the table. Here are 17 things that will almost certainly happen to you before you win the lottery.

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