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The Strip

Experts expect Las Vegas outdoor music venues to flourish

Outdoor music venues like Las Vegas Village, where a gunman massacred concert-goers Sunday night, are open targets. Don’t expect such sites to be razed and replaced anytime soon, experts say.

Day after massacre, Mandalay Bay remains eerily quiet

Normally bustling with convention attendees drinking, gambling and socializing, the Mandalay Bay felt like a newly-opened casino that few knew about. Just 26 hours earlier, the same casino floor was full of life until hundreds — maybe even thousands — of bullets came reigning down onto concertgoers from the hotel’s 32 floor.

Las Vegas entertainers shaken by Strip shooting

Engulfing Las Vegas in a bloody tragedy that has left this city shocked and weeping, the mass shooting Sunday night at the Route 91 Harvest Festival near Mandalay Bay also has shaken local performers, personalities and entertainment executives, who reflected on its effect on them and the possible repercussions for the entertainment scene.

Las Vegas Strip massacre will force hotels to rethink security

The deadliest shooting in U.S. history will force the nation’s hotel industry to rethink security procedures, but there may be little new they can do now to prevent such events.

Experts see no long-term damage to Las Vegas tourism economy

The horror of the murderous attack in Las Vegas Sunday night was similar in many ways to the incident it supplanted as the worst mass shooting in history in the family tourism mecca of Orlando, Florida, on June 12, 2016.

Weekend events in Southern Nevada considering whether to proceed

Security concerns heightened by the mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip have prompted organizers of weekend events in Southern Nevada to consider whether to proceed as planned or opt for cancellation or postponement.

UNLV students ‘outraged’ classes not canceled after shooting

UNLV students expressed widespread disappointment on social media Monday after learning that the campus would be open and classes would be in session following the deadliest mass shooting in history.