American West’s Home Buyers Club meets family’s new vision, value, goals

Tina Willis and her husband, Erik, credit American West for making their home-buying dream come true. The couple recently purchased a three-story home in the builder’s Fairmont neighborhood through American West’s Home Buyers Club.

The family joined the club in 2007 and developed a plan that led to the purchase of their new home.

“The Home Buyers Club had two very distinct advantages.” Tina Willis said.

“First, it gave me security and solidified my family’s vision for buying a home. Through the program I always knew what I was working toward and what was required. Second, it gave American West confidence in us. We were able to prove we were people they wanted to work with.”

The family approached their home purchase with experience. The couple had bought a home about four years ago, Tina Willis said, and had gotten in over their heads. “It got to the point where our home wasn’t a home anymore,” she said.

“It had become a headache. We decided to sell, give ourselves some time and start over.”

While they readjusted to a new budget and savings plan, the couple would often spend afternoons driving through neighborhoods looking for the perfect home.

“Our friends told us about the Taylor floor plan at American West’s Fairmont. I was initially hesitant to approach American West knowing we would need a year to save for the down payment and closing costs.

“I couldn’t believe my ears when the sales representative told me American West would work with us.”

The Home Buyers Club educates buyers during the home- buying process and organizes a savings plan whereby savings payments are made directly to the builder.

“The Home Buyers Club is another example of American West’s commitment to the community,” Larry Canarelli, president of American West, said. “We are dedicated to providing quality homes and superior customer service to Southern Nevada families.”

The Willis family moved into their Taylor floor plan in May. “I really felt like everyone wanted us to have this home,” Tina Willis said.

For more information about the builder’s Home Buyers Club or its communities and floor plans, call 308-1111 or visit

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