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Byway to oblivion

Sue Lowden, who used to be  state senator and who now runs the Nevada Republican Party, once attempted to grant Nevada parents greater freedom to decide whether their children should be required to receive mandatory vaccinations — many of which are neither as safe nor as effective as claimed, explaining why we still see disease outbreaks among vaccinated children, and why we have a national vaccine injury compensation fund. The Democrats and their union backers wanted to get Sue Lowden out of the state senate, where she was blocking their plans for higher taxes to gold-gilt union benefits. So they ran a sleazy campaign against her, pouring money into mail pieces which claimed she was “in favor of childhood disease.”

It worked, so the same gang was back this year, targeting state Sen. Bob Beers for proposing a system through which schoolteachers could volunteer to take special extra training and get certified to carry sidearms in school — a system which has allowed Israeli schools, under constant siege by ruthless Palestinian terrorists, to maintain a lower student death rate at the hands of armed assailants than American schools.

The sleazy Democratic mailers accused Sen. Beers of wanting to fill the kindergartens with handguns, with no attempt to explain what the debate was really about.

It worked. Sen. Beers was defeated Tuesday by a PR flack who’d been in hiding for months, a woman who previously represented an outfit called PurchasePro, which later got into a little legal trouble.

This will make it virtually impossible to change Nevada’s government schools into anything but “gun-free” killing zone in the foreseeable future.

If, heaven forfend, some crazed shooter should now murder children in a Nevada public school, because no adult who works there is authorized to have a gun to defend them, will Democrat Allison Copening step forward and accept the blame for what she has done, eagerly kneeling down to lap up the blood of the children she has allowed to go undefended, rubbing it over her body in penance?

I’m sure she will, since Democrats and other statists always take personal responsibility when they devour another of our freedoms.


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