City employees named many of Henderson’s streets

Many employees in Henderson’s public works department had the privilege of leaving their mark on the city by naming some of the streets.

Saeed Ahmad, who worked in the department for 25 years , named Crony Avenue, located in the Pittman area near Sunset Road and Boulder Highway.

Ahmad said the department was working on a subdivision and had difficulties coming up with street names. When asked to contribute, Ahmad named one after his pet cockatiel, Crony .

“I had him for about five or six years,” Ahmad said.

One day, Crony flew away and never came back.

“It was a really sad day,” Ahmad said. “So the street was named in his honor.”

It wasn’t the only time Ahmad contributed to naming a street. He said he has helped name hundreds of streets, two of which are for his children.

When his daughter Ayesha was born in 1983, he went on leave for a few weeks and came back to a nice surprise.

“One of the guys I worked with said he heard the name of my daughter and really liked it,” Ahmad said.

His co-worker suggested her name for Ayesha Lane in a subdivision near Wigwam Parkway and Eastern Avenue.

“Now my daughter tells me it should have been Ayesha Way,” Ahmad said, “because she always gets her way.”

Even though it is no longer there , Omar Sharaz Drive was named for Ahmad’s son. The street was later changed to La Fiesta Street, which is near Gibson Road and the Las Vegas Beltway. Ahmad wasn’t around when the change occurred and said he wasn’t sure why it took place.

Richard Heckendorf worked for the city of Henderson from 1977 to 1992. He said he also contributed to many street names, such as Valle Verde Drive.

According to Mark Hall-Patton, administrator for the Clark County Museum s, the street is on the same alignment as Lamb Boulevard in North Las Vegas, although the two streets never connect.

Heckendorf said they were originally going to continue Lamb Boulevard when development started in the area .

After the U.S. Postal Service said it wouldn’t deliver mail to a Henderson office – it had the same address as another building on Lamb Boulevard in North Las Vegas – Heckendorf had to come up with another name.

Heckendorf thought about Green Valley Drive, but there was already a Green Valley Parkway, which derived its name from the area that was developed by the Greenspun family .

Heckendorf decided on Valle Verde instead. It is Spanish for green valley.

“I was sitting down at a restaurant one day, and one guy came up to me and asked who the jokester was in the city,” Heckendorf said.

Heckendorf said the man, a fluent Spanish speaker, was amused that the streets had the same name and were only about a mile apart.

“To any other person it might sound like two different names,” Heckendorf said. “But it’s not.”

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