Dating In VegasLand: Is It Cool To Spike A Guy’s Drink?

A woman, let’s call her Taffy, just called me with this story. She’s been hanging out with her ex-boyfriend. He keeps calling her to go out, or watch TV, or have a drink. But he keeps rebuffing her sexually.

Taffy likes him. He clearly likes her. But he tells her he doesn’t want to complicate their ex-post facto relationship with libidinous desires. Why? Who knows, Taffy says.

"I’m frustrated," she says.

So she goes to her hairdresser, who tells her there’s an easy way for Taffy to get him in the mood. If you go to 7-Eleven, you can buy this liquid stuff called ExtenzE.

"Pour it in his drink. He’ll never know," says the hairdresser, who vows its efficacy based on her own experiences.

Taffy thinks this is morally questionable. Yet, she tries it. She and the ex are hanging out at the pad. She goes to fetch a beer. She pours the liquid into his beer surreptitiously. She then sips the beer for a taste test. Result: too obviously sweet, and she pours the beer down the drain.

Then she walks back into the room where they’re watching TV. Everything flows platonic, as usual. Taffy is frustrated once again. She knows she should stop hanging out with him for a while. But it’s hard.

"If I have to drug my boyfriend to get him in the mood," Taffy wonders, "he’s just not that into me."

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