Father: Daughter says ‘the allegations are false’ in Sisolak-Vermillion fight

The father of the teen caught in the middle of the battle between Kathleen Vermillion and Steve Sisolak says his daughter has admitted that the accusations against the Clark County commissioner are false.

The teen’s dad, Burt Boutin, has signed an affidavit that would appear to blow holes in the accusations of inappropriate behavior with the 15-year-old that were forwarded by Vermillion, former Henderson city councilwoman, against her ex-boyfriend, Sisolak.

In his affidavit, Boutin is also highly critical of Vermillion’s attorney, Robert Martin, and local public relations specialist Mark Fierro.

Boutin’s statement:

"Over the past days my daughter has become involved in accusations made  against Commissioner Steve Sisolak. These statements are being put forth by my ex-wife, Kathleen Boutin Vermillion along with her attorney, Robert Martin, and her public relations expert, Mark Fierro. Unfortunately they have placed my teenage daughter in the middle of all of this for their own personal benefit.

"For the record I state to you that I have spoken with my daughter about the allegations that have been leveled against Steve Sisolak. She told me the allegations are false. In a desperate move, Kathleen and her advisors managed to coax my daughter into appearing on a video. My daughter thought she was helping her mother and did not realize the harm that it would cause.

"As a final note I would like to add that Steve Sisolak had a five year relationship with Kathleen.  During that time he acted as a gentleman to both of my children and to me. I ask that you respect the privacy of my children and me."


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