Get your minds right, America!

Good morning to all who refuse to take the Obama pill. This is your Monday morning wake-up call.

Aside from the continued avalanche of news that indicates the Obama Administration’s policies are making the economy worse, not better, I draw your attention to two other news stories to begin the week. They illustrate how thin skinned the White House has become to criticism and how far they might go to make all believe.

First comes this story from Politico that begins: "When New York Times columnist David Brooks accused the White House last week of ‘shaking confidence with its hyperactivity,’ no fewer than four senior administration officials reached out to explain — ever so politely — how he was wrong.’"

And second, I urge you to spend a little time reading CNBC’s Jim Cramer’s detailed look at how the liberal establishment, of which he is one, is willing to throw him under the bus with personal attacks, while the conservative establishment treats his views with tolerance and respect.

"President Obama’s team, unlike Bush’s team, demonstrates a thinness of skin that shocks me," Cramer writes. "When I somewhat obviously and empirically judged that the populist Obama administration is exacerbating the crisis with its budget and policies, as evidenced by the incredible decline in the averages since his inauguration, I was met immediately with condescension and ridicule rather than constructive debate or even just benign dismissal"

Cramer continues: "Don’t get me wrong, Obama was dealt a terrible hand by the previous croupier. But this administration’s handling of the banking crisis, something that has brought Citigroup (C), Bank of America (BAC), Wells Fargo (WFC) and even JPMorgan Chase (JPM) to their knees, has been devastating. The indecision of Geithner, who has floated to the media every single idea in his head, only to announce none orally, has created a vacuum that has allowed short-sellers to dictate policy."

He then laments how launching ad hominem attacks on critics, instead of constructive non-idealogical discussion, will make Obama’s economic "train wreck" inevitable.

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