Going the wrong way

The nation’s unemployment rate ticked up to 9.6% today. And what did the White House have to say about it? It said 9.6% was better than expected.

Better than expected?

Democrats in the White House and Congress spent like there was no tomorrow, running up the deficit, because they told us that would get us out of the economic "ditch", as they like to refer to it.

They also said this would be the "Summer of Recovery".

There’s an election coming up. If you believe the national polls, few people plan to give Democrats on the ballot much of the benefit of the doubt. In Nevada, voters will have a chance to really voice their opinion on whether we’re headed in the right direction or not because a chief architect of the Democratic economic recovery "plan" was Harry Reid, who according to a poll this morning is in a dead heat with, until recently, the relatively obscure Sharron Angle, the absolute opposite of Reid on all things economic.

Just once, I’d like President Obama or Sen. Harry Reid, or Rep. Nancy Pelosi to stand up and admit that things aren’t working out like they planned and they intend to re-think the strategy. Instead, what you hear most from Democrats is that if they made a mistake at all it was not spending more.

Well, the American people are going to have the last say on that come this November.

(PS: The first person to comment and say it’s all "big, bad George W. Bush’s fault" must wear a donkey sticker on their forehead all day today — and it won’t refer to the Democratic Party.)

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