GOP’s Lowden ‘supports’ Harry Reid

    Nevada Republican Party Chairman Sue Lowden gives Democrats a thumb in the eye for select criticism of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid over his involvement, whatever it may be, in Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s decision to appoint a Senate replacement for president-elect Barack Obama. Some have laughably called Reid’s criticism of Blago’s choice racist.

  In backhanded fashion, Lowden, at right, “defends” Reid thusly in an e-mail:

 “You can call Harry Reid a lot of things, and I’ve called him my fair share.  But ‘racist’ is certainly not one of them.  Harry may be wrong on 99 out of 100 issues politically — including national defense, taxes, spending, health care, immigration, education and Social Security — but to suggest that he’s not comfortable around black people and wants to keep the Senate ‘lily white’ is absurd on its face and thoroughly offensive to all Nevadans of every political stripe.

  "If Harry Reid is guilty of anything in this embarrassing process of naming a replacement for Sen. Barack Obama, it’s of playing politics.  But as Senate Majority Leader, that’s his job.  I just hope he and his Democrats continue to do it so poorly."

  Surely Reid is busy penning Lowden a personal thank you note for her generous support.

  In all, it’s an interesting zinger. But Lowden should be careful when accusing the other side of playing politics “so poorly” as she stumbles through the rubble of her own party’s astounding collapse. Someone might accuse her of suffering from an extremely poor memory.

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