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Have you seen the great BASE jump race?

SOME OLD BUILDING — We’ve all had that moment when we decide to have an impromptu race with a buddy.

We decide to challenge said friend to find out who’s the fastest and inevitably one of us ends up hurt and both are sore. Even though we all do it we usually don’t cap it off with a jump from a 27-story building. In our defense, however, we’re also not usually doing it for GoPro.

This video released by the camera manufacturer features two friends racing to the top of an abandoned building and then BASE jumping from the 27th floor.

No one is really breaking new ground with the video, but it’s difficult not to smile as you watch the two jump from the exposed wall and throw their chutes at the very last moment.

GoPro has introduced us to many worlds we may have never been familiar with otherwise. Or, to say it another way, GoPro has given me the chance to go BASE jumping despite my affinity for being a coward.

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