Horror writer Bentley Little’s ‘His Father’s Son’

  “There’s something the matter with your father.”
  Steve Nye doesn’t know it, but his life will never be the same after hearing those words from his mother.
  She calls Steve at work to tell him his father attacked her, tried to kill her.
  Steve, confused, rushes to his parents’ house and learns his dad is now under observation at the VA’s psych ward. It’s there that he’s informed that his father has had a stroke and is suffering from dementia.
  Lucid moments are few for his father, but one night with Steve sitting at his bedside, his dad begins speaking in a raspy voice.
  “I killed her.”
  Steve’s not sure if the words are a confession or just the confused speech of a dying man — but he wants to find out. Slowly he becomes obsessed with his father’s past and begins unearthing some disturbing secrets, which lead him to further investigate his dad’s life. Whether what he finds is good or bad, he feels compelled to protect his old man and maybe, in some way, make him proud — at any cost.
  Horror writer Bentley Little takes a slightly different approach with “His Father’s Son.” In books such as “The Resort” and “The Association,” Little relies heavily on gory shock value, which can amuse as well as disgust his readers. His latest novel still has plenty of blood but is more psychologically suspenseful than previous works.
  Though Little’s readers love his ability to gross them out and make them laugh as well as cringe, “His Father’s Son” shows the author’s depth as a horror writer. He can switch it up every now and then and still turn out a great horror novel that will keep his fans entertained.
  Keep them coming Bentley.

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