How government works OT to screw you

If there’s any part of the Solyndra green energy bankruptcy story that ought to unite partisans to kick a little ass, it is the fact that a few months before the company filed bankruptcy (and after the Energy Department and the Obama Administration had a pretty good idea that Solyndra was in some kind of financial trouble) your federal government restructured its loan to Solyndra to put Solyndra’s private investors ahead of the people of the United States in the loan repayment.

Let that melt over the French Toast of your outrage this morning.

Republicans are pressing for an independent DOJ investigation of Solyndra. Democrats are calling it political. Yada, yada, yada. The fact above ought to unite all partisans. Let us ask again: Why in God’s green earth would the federal government restructure the Solyndra loan to put taxpayers further down the repayment chain?

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