In Nevada expect more of Hillary and more anti-Harry stuff as general election nears

As the general election for president moves ever closer and Nevada appears to be one of the "swing" states, I expect a couple of things.

First, because of the Palin effect, I expect we will see Hillary Clinton and other female surrogates stomping Las Vegas in behalf of Barack Obama. While there’s no polling data yet, I can feel in my bones that Palin is going to be immensely popular in Nevada and she will without doubt steal some of the Clinton support. And, the Obama campaign can ill-afford to appear any more sexist to Hillary voters than it already appears. Therefore, so to speak, the campaign will send a woman to do Obama’s job in Nevada.

Second, because of Harry Reid’s blunder in calling the war in Iraq "lost" — a comment that will play very badly throughout the patriotic state of Nevada, north and south — I expect we’ll see McCain several times in the state. McCain’s campaign may also jump on Reid, who is not the most liked politician in Nevada. In fact, his negatives are darn near higher than his positives, if I remember the last poll correctly.

Reid’s opposition to the war might have been more palatable to Nevadans had he simply said that the war was ill-advised, or that it a drain on the "real" war on terrorism, or something like that. But he went that extra step and said the war was "lost." He said it at a time in which our soldiers were still in the battlefield. And, a year later, we can now see that Reid not only was flat-out wrong, we’re on the verge of a triple victory — the elimination of a mass murderer in Suddam Hussein, a stable Iraq and the defeat of terrorists in that country.

All the way around, it was a dumb thing for Harry to say. For McCain, it’s the gift that keeps on giving in Nevada.

For more on the "war is lost" effect, go to my Sunday column at:

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