‘Independent’ Angle would be Dems’ best friend

Come on, Sharron Angle. For once, don’t be shy. You can tell me.

You’re secretly a Democrat, right?  ( Angle considers independent run for Heller’s seat )

I don’t mean on paper, where you’re a longtime registered Republican but of late have openly suggested that you’re willing to change your affiliation to independent if you are snubbed by the state GOP in the race to replace Congressman Dean Heller.

Heller is expected to receive a bouquet from Gov. Brian Sandoval in the form of the scandalized John Ensign’s U.S. Senate seat. That leaves wide open the conservative Congressional District 2 seat, which by voter registration will likely fall to a Republican candidate. (That would change, of course, how the lines are substantially redrawn during redistricting when Nevada adds a fourth Congressional seat.)

You jumped out ahead of everyone else in stating your desire to make CD2 your own. Much of the district as it currently stands is in your backyard, and you have a big backyard – most of rural Nevada, as a matter of fact.

You’ve always done well in cow and coyote country, and you initially looked like you were finally about to shake off your political losing streak.

But then other Republican candidates started poking around. There’s state GOP Chairman Mark Amodei, and now state Sen. Greg Brower is preparing to jump in, too.

Amodei and Brower are successful attorneys with loads of mainstream appeal and a less blemished and problematic track record than yours.

So, rather than focus on growing your support group from across the Republican spectrum, you’re considering switching teams in a clear attempt to short-circuit the party’s plan to marginalize you.

It’s your right to change parties. You’ve done it before, switching from the arch-conservative Independent American Party to the GOP in order to improve your chances of being elected to the state Assembly. That switch worked.

But this time, I’m not sure you’re thinking straight. That’s what has me starting to believe that you’re secretly supporting Democrats these days.

Just a few months ago, after you pulled off an upset in the Republican Senate primary, knocking off Sue Lowden and Danny Tarkanian, political pundits considered you the only candidate embattled incumbent Majority Leader Harry Reid was easily capable of beating.

But others argued that the time for your conservative politics and values was right. All you had to do was go out and prove you were ready to face the heat of a hard campaign and high-profile office.

You showed us just the opposite, running and hiding from the media and, in general, looking more like a scared rabbit than actual Senate material. Reid won by a wide margin.

It was then some conspiracy theorists speculated that you must have been in on the whole Reid ruse. After all, why else would you have bunkered up and hidden from a state press contingent that on good days numbered a couple dozen?

Did you want your friend Harry to win?

Then there’s the evolving CD2 race. Until this week, the only safe bet in the race was that a Democrat couldn’t win it. Now, with you considering splitting the vote by re-registering as an independent, anything is possible.

Don’t be surprised to hear the names of a better breed of Democratic candidate openly start to consider jumping into the race.

If you change parties, split the demographics, and run hard, a top Democrat candidate would have a fighting chance.

That’s why I’m starting to strongly suspect that, underneath those sensible shoes and that crusty conservative exterior, you’re secretly a wanna-be Democrat, Sharron Angle.

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