Is Bigfoot in Yellowstone?

BOZEMAN — Al Nash is a spokesman for Yellowstone National Park. As part of his job, he often addresses issues relating to grizzly bears and bison. But he recently added a new topic to the list: Bigfoot.

ABC News reported that the footage from one of the National Park Service’s webcams near Old Faithful has caused quite a stir among Bigfoot enthusiasts. The grainy video, which was originally posted on a National Park Service’s website, shows several bison walking through the snow near the geyser.

At first, nothing seems out of place. It’s a common scene to anyone who has visited the park. Then just before the 3-minute mark, a human-like figure makes its way through the trees. Is it someone on snowshoes? A cross-country skier, perhaps? Or is it proof of Bigfoot as some enthusiasts are saying?

“Bigfoot sightings are not frequent, but it happens,” Nash told ABC News.

Although Nash doesn’t think the video shows a Bigfoot, he’s not particularly surprised that other viewers do believe it.

“People say a lot of crazy things about Yellowstone all the time and Bigfoot is just one of them,” he said.

While the majority of viewers will most likely agree with Nash, a passionate group of Bigfoot believers has helped the video top 1 million views. Originally posted to YouTube by user Mary Greeley in December, the video continues to attract attention.

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