L’enfant terrible of Nevada journalism

I’m going to make this short because I don’t feel the need to spend a lot of time defending my tenure running the newspaper I love, the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Sunday my newspaper printed an interview with competitor Jon Ralston and allowed him to say that editor Tom Mitchell  and I allowed our editorial views on Sen. Harry Reid to enter into news decisions.

That is completely false and par for the course for Ralston, who has made a living creating false narratives to benefit himself. He’s a name caller of the first order and a bully who uses his platform for financial gain. If you don’t come to him on bended knee and worship him or, god forbid, refuse to appear on his TV show, then woe be to you. And political players in Nevada have come to fear that abuse of journalistic power.

For the straight scoop on who was really "out of control" in the 2010 Harry Reid/Sharron Angle race, I’ll refer you to this Mitchell column for a chapter-and-verse take-down of this l’enfant terrible of Nevada journalism.

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