Liberal establishment to dissent: Shut up!

Regular readers of the Complete Las Vegan know this is one of my favorite topics. Liberals, as a general rule, are anything but liberal when it comes to open discussion. Left to their own devices, liberals (like so many socialist, communist and fascist regimes in modern history) default to totalitarianism. It’s their way or the highway, Constitution be damned. The topic of the moment for which liberals want dissent quieted is health care "reform". But you can also see it in the abortion debate. Democrats have completely stifled that debate within their own party. So much so, that the only way to be a "pro-life" Democrat officeholder is to be an "abortion tolerant" Democrat officeholder, like Kathleen Sebelius or Harry Reid.

At any rate, Michael Barone has his finger on this phenomenon on his blog this morning. He says:

"I would submit that the president’s call for an end to "bickering" and the charges of racism by some of his supporters are the natural reflex of people who are not used to hearing people disagree with them and who are determined to shut them up.

"This comes naturally to liberals educated in our great colleges and universities, so many of which have speech codes whose primary aim is to prevent the expression of certain conservative ideas and which are commonly deployed for that purpose. (For examples, see the Web site of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which defends students of all political stripes.) Once the haven of free inquiry and expression, academia has become a swamp of stifling political correctness."

You can read his full blog by clicking here.

It is worth your time. And, of course, the Complete Las Vegan, unlike too many college campuses in America, is always open to opinions of the opposing viewpoint.

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