Lita Ford has a real ear for playing guitar

So here’s the weirdest thing today. “Queen of Metal” Lita Ford has been shredding loud guitar for four decades, but she still has good hearing, because she has unusually shaped ear holes.

Yes, I said “ear holes.”

“This is bizarre, but the reason why I still have my hearing is, I have really skinny ear canals. They’re tiny,” Ford told me.

How does she know this?

“I was measured for In Ears (the earphone monitors for stage performers). They said, ‘You have really skinny ear canals. They’re not wide open.’ So I get a little bit of blockage when I do stand in front of a (bunch of speakers). It doesn’t hit me as hard as somebody with wide-open, big, honkin’ ear canals!”

Ford will perform very loudly with Warrant and Kip Winger at the Hard Rock Hotel on Dec. 7, during a convention of European concert promoters.

Ford was just voted the baddest-assed female guitarist of all time at

WatchMoto puts Ford at No. 1 above guitar master Orianthi, amazing Bonnie Raitt, Heart’s Nancy Wilson, and Ford’s band mate in the Runaways Joan Jett.

Local angle: Ford has partied in Vegas for decades. Ford said she wrote a great Vegas story for her upcoming memoir coming out in April.

“I had a little rendezvous in Vegas with one of the band members of Judas Priest,” Ford told me. “That was one of the coolest nights of my life.”

Ford said that hookup went down before she became a mom.

“I was always on the road going to Vegas just to hang out and party for the weekend. Go nuts!” she said. “I’d get in my Corvette, and we’d zip up to Vegas and hang out and have a blast.”

On the Judas Priest weekend in question, they met while they were both checking into a hotel (the Hilton, she thinks, but she’s not sure).

And then what happened? With whom? And why was it so magical?

“You just have to read the book,” she said.

And just like that, Lita Ford popped my excitement bubble with her appeal for my journalistic patience. “Pop.”

But she promised me her autobiography will tell lots of juicy stories about dating guys, partying, and surviving the music industry. Although, after writing the first drafts, she did take some “gross” things out of the book, she said.

Ford is a human history book, because she was one of the first famous female rock guitarist-singers.

And yet she has zero problems with her ears, vocal chords, and muscles and nerves connected to her guitar fingers, hands, arms or ulnar nerves.

“I’ve aged like everybody does on a daily basis. But I don’t feel like I should be stopping or slowing down,” Ford said. “I love my job. I get paid to travel and play guitar. It definitely doesn’t suck.”

Her ticketed show with Warrant and Winger happens during a convention of international tour promoters.

“They’re coming down to watch the bands play. It’s kind of a showcase gig,” Ford said.

“So, if somebody wants to stick us on a tour in Europe in the middle of 2015, they can say, ‘Yeah, we saw Lita in Vegas in December, and she rocked. Let’s send her to Scandinavia.’

“I want all hell to break loose,” she said. “We’re going to kick some boo-tay.”

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