Mannequin Challenge brings everyone to standstill in latest silly social media fad

A few years ago, everyday Americans got caught up doing flash mobs (dance videos in public), then they planked (posing online like a plank of wood) and did the Harlem Shake (posing as if frozen then bursting out in dance).

Now, as many people deal with post-election shock, others are acting as if a normal life is going on, by engaging in the newest social-norm fad called the #MannequinChallenge.

The Mannequin Challenge goes like this. A group of friends or co-workers pose totally still in stances while one person walks around them, capturing music-video of everyone stuck in mannequin poses.

Like all silly/fun social media fads, it sounds like work/enjoyment, depending on your outlook on life/age of your tendons.

Planet Hollywood headliner Britney Spears (who’s on a roll lately in pop culture) posted a viral video of herself and show comrades doing the #MannequinChallenge Saturday, holding poses in a music video.

Spears’ #MannequinChallenge is a valiant effort to pick people’s spirits up in this uncertain time, as people in her fan base have expressed election anxiety.


The singer Pink talks so openly about her family that, as soon as she confirmed she’s pregnant again, certain gossip media used her old quotes to paint her marriage as a family on the brink of disaster.

Pink posted a photo on social media of herself, looking quite pregnant and happy, standing on grass somewhere, next to daughter Willow, 5.

Earlier this year, Pink, 37, celebrated a 10-year anniversary with Carey Hart, 41, the Las Vegan, tattoo entrepreneur and retired motocross icon.

“Surprise!” is all Pink wrote in her pregnant photo caption.

But some headline writer looked sideways at that pregnancy news.

“Pink Confirms Pregnancy As She & Carey Hart Face A Marriage Meltdown,” was the headline in RadarOnline, a sister publication of the National Enquirer.

What marriage meltdown proof?

In the spring, Pink joked to Ellen DeGeneres that she and Hart were “due” for a break (not a breakup) because Hart fell asleep one night instead of giving her some romance.

But Pink followed that joke on “Ellen” by saying Hart is handsome, sweet and an incredible dad.

Or as Radar summed it all up in a subhead: “Will this miracle baby save their rocky relationship?”

Other media, such as People and the New York Daily News, were more congratulatory.


Actor Rob Lowe and son John Lowe partied Friday at club Omnia with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Patrick Schwarzenegger. It was John Lowe’s 21st birthday party.

Trey Songz performed a 32nd birthday party show with help from rapper Young Jeezy Saturday at Drai’s nightclub.

Chicago Cubs champ Dexter Fowler saw “Absinthe” Saturday.

Blackstreet R&B singer Teddy Riley saw “Absinthe” Friday.

R&B singer Brian McKnight played Topgolf Friday.

Embattled actor/director Nate Parker wasn’t in Las Vegas over the weekend, but his parents were. “Larry and Carie went to Vegas without me,” he tweeted Saturday, along with a photo of them posing around Venetian gondolas.


YouTube show “ETC Show” host @RickyFTW: “The only reason I love Vegas: “Sir you can’t walk out of here with that beer … let me give you a to-go cup.”

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