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McCain buys (gasp!) foreign cars

The latest salvo from the DNC against John McCain attacks the senator
for the cars he owns and the geo-centric fibs he allegedly tells about

Here’s the Sunday e-mail with all the scoop from the DNC perspective
for your reading pleasure.

BTW: Still stone cold silence from Obama and the Democrats on the
revelation that Obama pays women on his staff .83 cents on the dollar
compared to men. McCain pay’s women on his staff $1.04 on the dollar
compared to men. Demo-nazi-partisans are beside themselves about the story,
but can’t knock it down or make it go away. So they go nasty on those who
dare shed light on it.

They’ll be happy about the car story, however, unless they themselves
drive a Prius or some other foreign devil car.

Here’s the DNC car salvo. Enjoy:

DETROIT, MI – Today Newsweek reported that John McCain owns 13 cars – and
that contrary to what McCain said in a recent TV interview, the fleet
includes three foreign cars. The report shows that McCain wasn’t being
honest with voters during a recent interview with WXYZ TV in Detroit when
he said: "I’ve bought American literally all my life, and I’m proud."

McCain made the comments while defending his purchase of foreign hybrid
vehicle – a purchase he denied making despite having bragged about it in
South Carolina last year.

In addition to the foreign hybrid he bragged about last year, Newsweek
reports that McCain’s fleet of 13 vehicles includes a Lexus, a 2005
Volkswagen convertible, and a 2001 Honda sedan.

In a conference call today to respond to the latest news of John McCain not
being straight with working families, United Auto Workers President Ron
Gettelfinger said:
"In an interview a few weeks ago with a Detroit TV station, John McCain
said, and I quote, "I’ve bought American literally all my life, and I’m
proud."  That may be a nice campaign line, but it turns out that  John
McCain wasn’t being straight with the people of Detroit-in fact, John
McCain owns 13 cars, including a foreign made Lexus, a Volkswagon, and a
Honda Sedan-on top of the Toyota Prius that he bragged about buying just
last year. People are free to buy any kind of car they want-that isn’t the
issue here.  What is the issue is that the American auto industry, and
American voters, deserve a president who will be straight with them. If we
can’t trust John McCain on something as simple as what kind of cars he
owns, how can we trust him when he talks about investing in American jobs.
"Buy American" can’t just be a slogan that John McCain rolls out when he is
in Michigan.  It’s insulting to our members.  We need a president who’s
committed to rebuilding the auto industry here America, not a President who
buys foreign cars and then lies about when he thinks autoworkers are
Read the Newsweek article here: http://www.newsweek.com/id/160091

Watch McCain’s interview here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0QRapvB9xc

Listen to the entire conference call here:


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