McCain’s college basketball pool?

I love it when readers feel comfortable enough to do my work for me. This e-mail said it all. No further commentary other than to answer: "Yes," dear reader, "I think this is the same guy."

"Dear Sherm:

This was too good to pass up. John McCain wants me to compare my basketball bracket to his. Wasn’t this the same John McCain who thought betting on college sports was wrong?"

Country First PAC

I’ve enjoyed the spirited competition from the basketball bracket challenges the past two years, and I’m looking forward to the challenge again this year.
Please sign up before the games tip off on Thursday to be a part of the fun. Read on for more important information from Country First PAC…


Join the Country First Basketball Bracket Group

2009 Basketball BracketMarch is here and that means it’s almost time to fill out your basketball bracket! For the past two years, thousands of people have enjoyed comparing their picks to John McCain’s, and this year is no exception. Sign up today and you’ll receive an invitation to join John McCain’s bracket group. You may even receive an autographed copy of John McCain’s bestselling book, Faith of My Fathers.

With the games tipping off next week, make sure to sign up today to receive your invitation to join the Country First basketball bracket group!

Pork-Barrel Spending Update

This week, President Obama signed the $410 billion omnibus bill into law containing over 9,000 earmarks totaling $7.7 billion in wasted taxpayer funds. As a vocal opponent of this bill, Senator McCain urged President Obama to use his veto power to reject the bill so the Congress could start over without the pork.

Unfortunately, President Obama chose to pass up this opportunity. In response, Senator McCain said, "The President’s rhetoric is impressive, but his statement affirms we will continue to do business as usual in Washington regarding earmarks in appropriations legislation."

Country First PAC is dedicated to electing reform candidates to federal office who will join Senator McCain in the fight aga inst pork-barrel spending. Today, we’re asking you to support these candidates with a generous contribution to Country First of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or more.

It’s more important than ever that we elect leaders to Congress who will act in the best interest of the taxpayer and who will not dig us further into debt. We must continue to hold President Obama and his allies accountable for the many promises of "change" they made while campaigning for president and other offices.

Thank you for your support and we will continue to keep you updated on Country First PAC’s fight against pork-barrel spending.


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