Money can’t buy everything in ‘Breaking the Bank’

   In the world of money, money, money … when you don’t have any money, life can be rough. Especially when it seems like money would be the answer to all your prayers. But what if you could get all the money you wanted from the bank and never have to pay it back?
  In Yona Zeldis McDonough’s latest book, “Breaking the Bank,” the idea of free money and its consequences turns one woman’s world upside down.
  Mia Saul is a single mom, doing the best she can to get by. Her ex-husband left her for a manicurist, she lives in a dilapidated apartment building that’s none too safe, and she is juggling temporary jobs as a freelance editor. Her daughter Eden has not adapted well to life without her father and is having severe behavior problems at school.
  But one day, a miracle occurs. An ATM mistakenly gives Mia more money than she requests — $1,000 instead of $100. Giddy at the sudden windfall, Mia wonders if the bank will realize its mistake. But when it happens again, and again — each time, the amount of money growing, Mia is both mystified and worried, especially when she receives a rare $10,000 bill along with a cryptic message to “use it well.”
  Suddenly a little flush with money, Mia is able to do more things for her daughter, and remembering the machine’s message, she also gives to those around her who are in as much need as she. But then little things begin to go wrong — her family thinks she’s crazy and unfit to be a mother, her new boyfriend doesn’t believe her story about the ATM, and then there’s the little matter of being accused of murdering a drug dealer … and Mia finds that perhaps her luck has run out just as suddenly as it had appeared.
  McDonough takes her readers on a thrilling ride into the world of “what if” in this captivating novel. The characters are quirky and charming, especially the suave Patrick Fitzpatrick, and the story flows like a fine wine — smooth and easy.
  So, keep dreaming of that magical ATM that can make all dreams come true. Just remember, nothing ever really comes that easy.

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