Obama learns on the job; we pay the price

Sen. John McCain warned us that if we elected Barack Obama we’d get a president who’d have to learn almost everything via OJT — on the job training.

Brothers and sisters, current events have proved that true.

You can point to foreign relations in which the ideologues that make up the Obama Administration immediately put to use the "world citizen" foreign policy of bowing to foreign rulers and criticizing America on foreign soil. If we elect him, Obama said, he’d show us how his carrot-over-stick approach with Iran would work.

It worked all right. Iran now has nuclear weapon capability, not only threatening the region, but also threatening the world.

He’d work through the United Nations to bring everyone into the league of friends.

The world hates us just as much as 24 months ago. China practically owns us. And Israel now wonders whether we’re the friend we used to be. Meanwhile, Iran sits on the UN’s anti-nuclear proliferation committee as well as a committee designed to advance the position of women in the world. This is the topsy-turvy wold of Obama. You simply can’t make this stuff up.

Financially, the Obama Ivory tower thinkers have used the financial crisis to reshape America into their own unsustainable vision of utopia — federal ownership of big companies, boot-on-the-neck regulation of private enterprise and budget busting expansion of existing entitlement programs, including, of course, the new entitlement of health care, which we’ll never be able to pay for without European-style taxation.

And then there’s the war on terror. First thing this president does is "close" GITMO. But, of course, more than a year later it is not closed because as the Bush Administration found out, we need GITMO.

Then the Obama crew fights the war with words. No more talking about "Islam". Rarely even using the world "war" anymore. Terrorism has become a "man-made disaster".

Terrorist acts became not "acts of war" but acts of crime — like some kind of inner-city tagging deal. Our president is tackling this national threat like a community organizer would mediate the playground at a junior high school.

No more aggressive questioning (OMG, that’s torture). Instead we read them their rights and send them to federal court.

Well, it’s all not working. And after some OJT, the Obama ideologues are beginning to find out what John McCain knew and George Bush implemented to keep us safe.

So now, Obama will question terror suspects first, then read them their rights and appoint them an attorney.


Americans must clip this president’s wings in 2010 and then give some serious thought as to whether we can afford a second term of this kind of OJT.

For more on Obama’s "struggle against man-made disasters" — this AP story details the latest from our new friends at the Taliban to which the conclusion should be this:

No, we can’t just all get along!

Protect us, Mr. President. Please.


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