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Obama: Speaks softly, carries big schtick

While President Obama makes his way across Europe making excuses for America and trashing the "prior administration", North Korea launched a long-range missle test in his face, showing our rookie president is, well, a naive rookie on the world stage.

Town hall meetings and speeches will not cut it with rogue nations like North Korea. Nor is another useless meeting of the United Nations, followed up by a harshly worded letter, then another and then another.

Obama may feel like he’s providing leadership by blending in with the sheep of other world nations. But all he does is encourage world destabilization. When it comes to being patient with North Korea, our new president must learn that no good deed goes unpunished. A strong authority figure needs to step in with a big stick, not a big schtick. A strong American leader would have worked with key nations in the area to make sure, no matter what, that long-range missile test never made it 1,000 feet off the ground.

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