Obama’s America — No country for old men

As pointed out in previous posts, the movement to "reform" American health care is complicated and highly emotional. President Obama and Democrats are moving at high speed, often floating concepts that amount to radical change. Then they "walk back" those proposals when polls show them to be spectacularly unpopular. People are scared. And, that’s a good part of why average citizens have greeted members of Congress returning to their individual districts with skepticism and frustration.

Democrats, who fancy themselves as earth-stained representatives of the people, have been caught flat-footed by the degree of anger from work-a-day citizens. So much so that some have ridiculed citizens who have confronted members of Congress by likening them to Nazis. It’s a stupid comparison that should offend everyone, especially those who are serious about protecting the world from a repeat of the undeniable atrocities of Hitler’s Nazi socialist government.

It also serves as a lame tactic to deflect attention from how our government has failed to tell the entire truth on health-care "reform". Consider, for example, this article from CNNMoney.com in which the author, who has actually read the entire bill as it now exists, articulates five freedoms Americans will absolutely, without doubt lose under the current plan proposed by Congressional Democrats. Give it a read. It is enlightening.

Then, ask yourself why our elected representatives (yes, I’m talking to you Sen. Harry Reid, Reps. Shelley Berkley and Dina Titus) won’t come clean on discussing honestly how the Democratic plan will likely turn America into a country hostile to the old, the young, and most especially the pre-born. It is this evasive, elitist attitude toward the people that has Americans upset.

If Democrats want "reform" then they should plainly explain their positions not as they might hope for, but as they have currently written in the House proposal. Don’t tell people half-truths about what might be; discuss the bill as it is actually written, because if the Democratic bill passes as currently written, I guarantee you every person who votes for it will face a mighty voter fury in the next election.

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