Pet-friendly Henderson: Area workplaces don’t discriminate when it comes to pets

When pets are viewed as family members, it can be difficult to leave them at home while going to work or enjoying a night out. To ease the guilt, Henderson View explores businesses and restaurants that welcome both two- and four-legged guests.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the health benefits of owning a pet can include lower blood pressure and cholesterol and increased opportunities for socialization and physical activity.


Henderson resident Shaundell Newsome enjoys taking his 15-month-old terrier Tiana to his company office at Sumnu Marketing, 1951 Stella Lake St., Suite 7.

“I bring her a few times a week,” Newsome said. “She normally hangs out and runs around the back part of the office.”

Striving to make his business “family-friendly,” Newsome said he allows his staff members to bring in their children if needed.

“My wife and I are empty-nesters,” he said. “We don’t have any children left in the house, so Tiana is our family. She comforts and relaxes me.”

Though Tiana might be spoiled, Newsome said she allows him to complete his work without many interruptions.

“She waits until I get up or move away from the computer to ask for attention,” he said. “She enjoys coming, and my staff likes her. It’s like bringing my kid to work.”

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Owner Annie Payton is all about creating a family dining atmosphere at Annie’s Gourmet Italian, 75 S. Valle Verde Drive, Suite 160.

Because Payton considers animals to be family members, she allows guests to dine with their pets on the restaurant’s patio.

“I’ve always had pets my whole life, and they’re a big part of the family,” Payton said. “We’ve been doing this for six years and have a huge pet following. In order to even work here, you have to love pets.”

The idea of including pets came to Payton while she tried to replicate the dining experience she had as a child.

“My family included a black Lab named Pal who sat under our feet while we ate,” she said. “We were not allowed to leave the table until we ate everything on our plates, so I fed Pal my peas and vegetables when my mother and grandmother weren’t looking. He was a big part of my childhood.”

For her efforts, Payton received a Five Paws Award from, an online pet-friendly hotel and dog travel directory.

“We get a lot of visitors just passing through with their dogs,” she said. “Green Valley Ranch is a very popular community with walking trails. Dog owners tend to go for a walk and end up on our patio.”

In addition to her customers, Payton also serves meals for her four-legged diners, such as meatballs and organic frozen yogurt.

“We have people order takeout, and it’s getting to the point where they’ll order takeout for their pet so they feel included, too,” Payton said. “We have a cat that dines here, and she gets a shrimp cocktail, so we don’t discriminate. I would love to see a horse or something stop by.”

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Every day for 15 years, Las Vegas resident Robert Fielden included his dogs in his work routine.

They accompanied him at his architecture office, 155 S. Water St., Suite 220, and even when he taught at UNLV.

“I had two border collies named Chips and Salsa that came with me to work every day. Even when I taught at the university, they were good jurors and reviewers of students’ work,” Fielden said. “Once they went to that big boneyard in the sky, I started taking my mix, Chocolate, but he’s a little too old now. He enjoys staying at home.”

Fielden said he encourages his staff members to bring their dogs to the office; however, no one has any.

“Dogs are great when it comes to first impressions, and they are far better than any greeter at Walmart,” he said. “They up everyone’s mood in the office and relax them. It’s like being at home at work.”

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