Psychic healer Gary Spivey says watch out, here comes 2012!

Psychic and healer Gary Spivey healed me last week. I mean, he says he got rid of all the demons that were trying to haunt me.

Before 9/11, Spivey (“performing,” so to speak, tonight and Friday at the Palms; $33) was saying in radio interviews that he foresaw terrible destruction heading to New York and Washington. He doesn’t go around beating his chest about this awful prediction, since that would be creepy.

But it does put him in the position to address more future seeing.

And in my interview, he says 2012 is indeed going to be a pivotal year.

“Moving toward 2012, I believe that this is a time where the whole planet will shift into very much a higher consciousness, where frankly I’ll be obsolete. I think everybody will be psychic. If everybody was psychic, when you met your enemy, you would know it wouldn’t you? … And when you meet your soul mate walking down the street, you’d know that too.”

Question: Does that mean the end is near?

“I don’t think it’s the end. I think it’s a new beginning as we move to 2012 and beyond. I do think there’s going to be a major energetic shift to go on. And for it to happen in a perfect way, there needs to be enough light-conscious people on the planet to make it happen. Everybody can do their part by meditating and letting all that light work through them.”

Question: Does he have hope in humanity?

“Yeah, because God still effects a lot of what goes on down here. Despite all this stuff going on in the world, the planet is brighter now than it’s ever been. It’s such a bright planet. People are really in control of their outcome, once they learn how to get a grip on their energy, clear their energy, receive spiritual gifts, and talk to God a little bit. So yeah, I have tremendous hope for humanity. With light energy, you change the outcome, and there’s just more light now than there was ever before.”

Question: But a lot of people think these are dark times.

“It is dark — if they THINK it’s dark. And it’s light if they think it’s light. I’ve never seen the dark as aggressive as it is. I’ve never seen the demons as aggressive as they are. But I’ve never seen the spiritual gifts as powerful as they are. It’s much easier for me to read people now than two years ago.”

So the bottom line:

“We’re going into a really bright time. I’m just trying to help it along as much as I possibly can. That’s why I do all the shows in Vegas and do all the stuff I do.”

Check out Friday’s Neon section in the Review-Journal to read the run-down of how Spivey healed me!

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