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Racial politics: Democrats living by the sword …

Sen. Harry Reid, President Barack Obama and liberal Democrats who have lived by the sword of holding political opponents "accountable" for words they deem "racist" are about to learn a hard lesson. If you live by that sword, you quite possibly may die by that sword.

Reid’s stupid comments about the president’s light skin and his ability not to talk like a "Negro" unless he wants to will light up the American consciousness this week. The remarks hit the news on Saturday afternoon. Today, if you search the Internet with the terms "Harry Reid Racist" will find a fruitful search.

It won’t be fair. People will "connect the dots" to things like Reid’s supposedly taped comments to the governor of Illinois arguing that no black person be appointed to replace Obama’s senate seat.

Racist, racist, racist!

Problem is, so far as I know, Harry Reid is no racist. His comments were stupid, arrogant and just another bad judgment in a line of bad judgments that will soon bring his powerful career to an end.

But he’s no racist in my informed experience.

Nevertheless, the liberal political hit machine that seeks to "expose" racism by unfairly clubbing people that don’t agree with that political bent — Trent Lott, Don Imus, etc. — looks like it is going to give Reid a big pass on his comments. No inquiry, no second guessing. No calling for him to step down.

And you know what? I’m OK with that because I don’t think Harry Reid is a racist.

But next time the president screams wolf about racial profiling by police of his professor friends, or Al Sharpton calls for the head of a guy like Don Imus, don’t expect America to come a-runnin’. You are either a true bell on these things, or you are not.

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