Re-legalize it

Watch the Lamestream Media continue to dismiss top-tier GOP presidential contender U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, as an "unelectable crank" because he argues our endless, undeclared, "no-win" overseas wars are both unaffordable and counterproductive; because he argues the delegation of the congressional power and duty to guarantee the soundness of the dollar to a "Federal Reserve Board" has been a disaster, and because he embraces some kind of "weird" or "iconoclastic" definition of inflation that contends inflation consists of the unjustified expansion of the money supply in order to enrich the banksters, robbing Americans through the resultant "slow-motion" devaluation of the buying power of their savings.

(If Congressman Paul "hates the armed forces," why does he poll so well among them?)

Now note how LITTLE attention these desperate harridans now pay to the positions for which Libertarians were previously reviled as "unrealistic nut-jobs," especially the notion that the federal government should be restricted to those powers speficially enumerated in the Constitution, whereupon Libertarians often point out that a Constitutional amendment was enacted in 1919 (subsequently repealed in 1933 at the behest of the liberal Saint Roosevelt) to authorize the federal War on Booze, but that no parallel Constitutional amendment has ever been enacted to authorize the War on (Some) Drugs … particularly those previously legal plant extracts historically favored by our black and Hispanic minorities.

Now see John Whitehead, of The Rutherford Institute, document the ongoing racist nature of America’s Failed War on Drugs.

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