Reid’s pants are on fire

You gotta love the political reporting of Laura Myers. Sophisticated and hard working coupled with  critical thinking and the good sense to stay above the fray of partisan politics. I’ll stop there so as not to embarrass her any more than I already have, but there is certainly more good to say about Laura Myers, the journalist.

Anyway, take a close look at her report this morning in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. I found this exchange worth pointing out:

"Asked Monday whether Reid had been in touch with his source and whether the man was willing to go public with evidence, Reid turned the question back on Romney. 

"’This whole issue is not about me,’ Reid said at a news conference after he helped dedicate a new VA hospital in Southern Nevada.

"Reid noted Romney’s father, George, had released 12 years of tax returns when he ran for president in 1968. And he added Mitt Romney had released only one full-year return, which Reid said showed he had overseas bank accounts in the Bahamas and Switzerland, raising questions about what Romney might be trying to hide.

‘This whole controversy would end very quickly if he would release his income tax returns like everybody else has done that’s running for president,’ Reid said.

Asked a second time whether Reid’s source would come forward, the senator snapped, ‘I’ve answered your question.’

Well, in fact, Sen. Reid had not answered the question. It’s a common thing for politicians to field a question with a nonresponsive answer that reiterates his own talking-points. But a good reporter won’t give up. Hence, the second question and testy Reid lie — "I’ve answered your question."

Reporters can’t go to the next step. But pundits like me can.

Her re-ask smoked out Reid. Why won’t his "source" come forward? Why won’t Reid name his "source"? And why on Earth won’t Reid just answer the simple question asked of him?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because so far as anyone can know it is a baseless claim that even the most reputable of fact-checking organizations call BS on the senator from Nevada. Indeed, Reid’s pants are on fire.

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